Pollard Set Free

It's official: U.S. to release

Israeli spy in November


U.S. Ready to Lift Sanctions on Iran's Billions of Dollars

Khamenei's financial network estimated at nearly $100 billion

The Huckabee Fallout

Top Israeli officials condemn presidential candidate's comparison of Iran deal to the Holocaust

Congressional Condemnation

Lawmakers slam Huckabee's remarks

The Huckabee Holocaust Spat

Obama condemns Republican presidential candidate for comparing Iran deal to the Shoah

Barack's Backlash

CNN poll shows majority of Americans want Congress to reject Iran deal


JStreet claims 60 percent of American Jews support Iran deal

LIVE: Kerry defends Iran deal to Congress

'If we walk away, we walk away alone. Our partners are not going to be with us.'

Claims deal makes Israel safer

Will skip Israel during upcoming tour of the Middle East

Straight From the Capital of Terror

Iran considering direct passenger flights to the U.S.

Has Iran Abandoned Hamas?

Official says aid from Islamic Republic has stopped

The Monstrous Allies

Obama explores 'partnering' with Iran

Oh, That Poor Man

Top Hezbollah terrorist Nasrallah ups security for fear of ISIS assassination attempt

Throws fit over growing closeness between Israel and Sunni Arab states

Calls Israel 'cancerous'

Military Pact

U.S. and Turkey create ISIS-free 'safe zone'

September Summit

Netanyahu plans to address world leaders at U.N. General Assembly

U.S.-Israel Faceoff

Bibi sends 'big guns' to U.S.: Dore Gold, Moshe Ya'alon will lobby against accord

Former U.S. Ambassadors Back Iran Deal


Eerie Plot Uncovered

Canadian police say couple planned to kill 'small Jews' to 'send them to paradise'

Devil in the Details

Fine print of nuclear deal reveals Iran has not agreed to 'snapback' of sanctions

Sick, Sick, Sick

ISIS stores sell souvenirs in northern Iraq

Is Abbas All Done?

Report: P.A. leader to step down soon

The Succession Battle

Rivals prepare to vie for Abbas' place

Get a Calendar

Jewish educators angered U.K. independent school meeting called for Rosh Hashanah

Iran's Charm Offensive

Foreign minister travels to skeptical Arab states

Ayatollah releases image of Obama shooting himself

Assad: 'We Will Achieve Victory'

But in public address, embattled president admits troops running short on manpower

Assad Duped Inspectors

Report: Syria has chemical arsenal

Death on the Nile

At least 29 people drowned when party boat collided with cargo ship

Pentagon: Al Qaeda Commander Killed in Air Strike

Analysis: How Hezbollah Is Preparing for Third Lebanon War

Now Erdogan Wants Help

Turkey calls for NATO meeting to discuss security threats

Kurdish Militants Kill 2 Turkish Soldiers in Bomb Attack

Turkish Jets Strike ISIS Targets in Syria

And So It Begins

France, Iran Agree to Reinforce Cooperation

Iran to Build Two More Nuclear Plants With China

Cash for Terror

Iran already signed on for $2 billion in E.U. projects

Iranian official: 'We provide weapons to whomever and whenever we consider appropriate. And we will buy weapons from wherever we can.'

E.U. Doubles Down on Israel Hatred

Says it will now go after Israeli banks

Financial establishment taken by surprise


Special Aliyah Flight

More than 200 French Jews arrive as new immigrants

Historic Visit

Indian president to visit Israel, as will Prime Minister Modi

Israel and Cyprus Expand Energy Cooperation

Case Closed

ICC won't reopen Gaza flotilla case

Family Feud

Settlers clash with police over demolitions

Historic Acquisition

Israel's Teva pays $40.5 billion to purchase Allergan generics

Medical Marijuana Now Available

Patients with authorization may receive medical cannabis at pharmacies

Don't Insult Us

Pollard release doesn't change our stance on Iran deal, says MK

Let My Pollard Go

The Pollard War

Controversy about Israeli spy becomes a media battle

The Big Drill

Israel holds massive surprise training exercise


Israeli-Arab MK denies there was ever a Jewish Temple

So Does P.A. Minister

'The Al-Aqsa Mosque is located atop the Temple Mount, and not the Temple. Look for your Holy Temple in another place.'

Abbas Blames the Victim

Says Israel responsible for 'escalation' on the Temple Mount

The Greatest Threat

On Tisha B'Av, polls show Israelis see Iran as biggest threat to Israel's security


Palestinians mark Tisha B'Av by rioting on Temple Mount

Riots caught on video

Jordan condemns Israel

Palestinians attack police in East Jerusalem

President Rivlin: 'The acts of violence and terrorism committed especially today, against worshipers at holy sites, must be condemned unequivocally.'

Hamas Slanders

Says it will 'not stand idly by while the Israeli assaults on sanctities continue.'

Don't Make a Move

Kerry warns Israel against an Iran strike

At same time, Kerry indicates U.S. will defend Israel from Iran

Israeli Official Hits Back

'The regrettable attempt to intimidate Israel will not prevent us from voicing our concerns about this deal, which poses direct threats to Israel’s security.'

Sign of a Growing Alliance?

Saudi car spotted in Israel

Running Interference

Israel to push for end to foreign funding of anti-Israel NGOs



Senior Jewish Lawmaker Will Support Deal

Rep. Sander Levin (D-Mich.) will vote yes on Iran

Joe Lieberman Pressures Schumer to Block Deal

Tough Crowd

Kerry has 'intense exchange' with skeptical Jewish leaders

Jackie Mason Cracks Jokes

In New York, 'we’re not protected from a bomb but we’re protected from a bad quality of a tuna fish'

Trump for Huckabee

Aide endorses presidential candidate's insensitive comment

A Man With a Moral Compass

Illinois governor signs unprecedented anti-BDS bill into law

More U.S. Gun Violence

Three dead in Louisiana movie shooting, including lone gunman

Shooter was antisemitic, right-wing extremist

Hillary Speaks Out

U.S. presidential candidate says two-state solution is 'only resolution that will work'

Poll: Americans Reject Iran Deal

To the Capitol

Congress begins review of Iran deal

Israeli envoy focusing on Jewish Democratic members of Congress

Senator Corker to Kerry: 'I believe that you've been fleeced.'

Capitol Hill Fumes

Obama lights firestorm by bypassing Congress on Iran deal

Obama Lectures Congress on Iran

'Broad international consensus' on Iran sellout, president says

Obama vs. AIPAC

President attacks 'lobbyists' who dare to oppose Iran deal


Netanyahu on Iran Deal in One Powerful Minute

U.S. House Speaker on Iran: 'We'll Do Everything We Can to Stop' a Bad Deal


AARON DAVID MILLER: Why War Isn't Inevitable if Congress Rejects the Iran Deal

WILLIAM SALETAN: Kerry Is Admitting Too Much About the Iran Deal

JEFF ROBBINS: The Court Jews of JStreet

LEON WIESELTIER: The Iran Deal Is America's Nightmare

LEE SMITH: The White House Exploits the Pollard Case

DANNY RUBINSTEIN: Abbas Is on His Way Out

ELIE PODEH: In Post-Nuclear Agreement Middle East, 'It’s Syria, Stupid!'

NATAN SHARANSKY: Jews Stood Up to U.S. 40 Years Ago and Should Again on Iran

RAFAEL MEDOFF: Kerry vs. the Jews


Jerusalem's Season of Culture Kicks Off

Summer line-up includes Sacred Music Festival

Performer Cools Off and Shows Off

Singer/dancer Chris Brown impresses with acrobatic skills on Tel Aviv beach

The Zohan Hearts Israel

'I support Israel 100 percent,' says actor/comedian Adam Sandler

'Shalom, Israel,' Says Mariah Carey

American pop star to perform in Israel on Aug. 18

How's the Practicing Coming Along?

Comedian Seth Rogen is throwing a bar mitzvah party celebration for actor James Franco

Love Letter to Late Singer

Two Amy Winehouse art exhibits to open in San Francisco

San Francisco to Hold Jewish Film Fest

Screenings held through Aug. 9

A Real-Life 'Anatevka'

Fictional village from ‘Fiddler on the Roof,’ will become a refugee camp for Ukrainian Jews

Beloved 'Tevye' Actor Dies at 91

Theodore Bikel sang in 21 languages and toured for years in 'Fiddler on the Roof'

Amy Schumer's Childhood Rabbi Remembers Nice Jewish Girl from Long Island

Hot July Sales

Microsoft, Facebook and ironSource pay top dollar for Israeli technology

Microsoft acquires Israeli cloud security company Adallom for a reported $320 million

Facebook Buys Israeli Startup for $60 Million

Pebbles technology helps integrate human movements within computer systems


'Good Triumphs Evil'

Jewish European Maccabi Games begin at Nazi stadium in Berlin

Letter-writing Campaign

New York officials urged to probe 'poor quality and scant secular education' at yeshivot

Have Synagogue, Will Travel

Washington, D.C., edifice will be relocated--again

Reality Check

Boston synagogue spends millions....to downsize

Hideout Home Now a Memorial

Home of Polish family who saved Jews during the war is a national monument

What Are the Odds?

Twin sisters married to twin brothers give birth to daughters minutes apart

Roots and Branches

New advances in Jewish genealogy heralded

A First for Israeli Baseball

Pitcher selected in MLB draft by San Diego Padres; chooses college instead

NBA Player Omri Casspi Brings Basketball Stars to Israel