The Islamist Connection

ANALYSIS: DNC frontrunner Keith Ellison has

extensive ties with radical Muslim groups


More Evidence of Ellison’s Hatred of Israel

In 2010 speech, DNC frontrunner said, ‘We can’t allow another country to treat us like we’re their ATM.’

Abbas Cleans House

P.A. president marginalizes opponents, consolidates absolute power

Terror Thwarted

Dutch police nab cell planning attack on synagogue

Democrats Turn Against Israel

New poll shows party members increasingly hostile to Jewish state

Will Trump Really Reset American Foreign Policy?

It increasingly looks like he won’t

Complements of the Bear

Putin says Trump ‘a clever man and will understand the level of his new responsibility quickly’

Man of the Crowd

Despite election victory, Trump keeps holding rallies

Top Jewish Donor: Ellison Is an Antisemite

Haim Saban says frontrunner for DNC chair is a racist, ‘would be would be a disaster for the relationship between the Jewish community and the Democratic Party.’

Despite Antisemitism, Ellison Still DNC Frontrunner


Ellison taking flak from all sides

Dark Past

Ellison defended black activist who compared Israel to the Nazis

ANALYSIS: Ellison Hates America Too

Analysis: On Taiwan, Trump Made the Right Call

Analysis: Trump's Smart Cabinet Picks

French: Mattis Is an Outstanding Pick

Out in the Cold

Opposition to Trump may leave many Jewish organizations without access to the White House

Obama World: Iranians Arrested Filiming Israeli Embassy in Kenya

Senate Votes to Extend Iran Sanctions Authority


Au Revoir

French President Hollande says he won't seek re-election

A Ray of Light

Kurds commemorate history of Iraqi Jews


Lapid Rising

Poll shows Yesh Atid tied with Likud if elections were held today

Sara Netanyahu Under Scrutiny

Police may have enough evidence to charge Bibi’s wife with misuse of public funds


Bibi bars far-Right firebrand from settlement talks

Under Pressure

Bibi squeezed between Obama and Bennett

First Snows

Israelis head to Mount Hermon for winter frolics

Brothers in Genes?

Study shows Druze and Jews may share common genetic origin

This Is Israel's Peace Partner

Abbas proposes unity government with Hamas

Abbas: Palestinians Will Achieve Independence Through U.N.

Daily Bias

U.N. supports 6 anti-Israel resolutions all at once

Liberman to U.N.: What About Real Problems?

U.S. Envoy: 'We Will Always Oppose One-sided Initiatives'

Analysis: The U.N.'s Palestine Language

Obama Again Waives Moving U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem


The Alt-Right’s Grandfather

It all began with the notorious antisemite Charles Lindbergh

Congress Renews U.S. Sanctions on Iran

Justice Meted Out

Ohio man gets 20 years for Islamic State-linked terror plot

Staggering Statistics

Watchdog: 100 antisemitic incidents reported in U.S. post-election


'Luck Be a Lady' in Hebrew

Jewish Broadway star Ben Platt belts out show tune on late night talk show

Celebrating the Hero

Dutch film honors journalist who exposed Nazi war criminal

Rabbi Ben Zion Shenker, Composer of 500 Hasidic Melodies, Dies at 91

His melody for 'Yasis Alayich' is played at Hasidic weddings

Top Honors

Lev Shaket ('A Quiet Heart') wins Grand Prix of Tallinn film fest

Ania Bukstein awarded for best actress


Egyptian movie star Karim Kassem reveals he is Jewish


Need for Security

U.K. pledges $17 million to protect Jewish institutions

Accessibility Shabbat Is Dec. 3

Israeli synagogues will call attention to the needs of the disabled

Righting a Wrong

France returns painting to grandchildren of Jewish couple who fled Nazis

Fear and Loathing on the Tube

British soccer fans sing antisemitic chant on London subway

London Cafe Apologizes for Smoothie With Swastika Label

South Dakota Makes 50

Chabad to open new Jewish center in Sioux Falls; now has presence in all U.S. states


Three Israeli Startups Win Global Medical Mobile Tech Awards

Yo-yo Dieting

Gut microbes could be cause of weight loss and gain

Coping With Pain

Teva to market, distribute medical cannabis inhaler in Israel