Antisemitism Skyrockets on U.S. Campuses


Israel Strikes Again?

Pro-regime forces reportedly hit in Syria

The Demographic War

Will Christianity be overwhelmed by a fertile Islam?

Time to Go

Russia's chief rabbi says Jews should leave France if Le Pen is elected

French-Israelis line up to cast absentee ballots

Good Riddance

Palestinian delegation to U.K. 'downgraded'

Trump Puts Iran on Notice

Analysis: Tillerson and Trump Take on Iran

Media Malfeasance

AP shills for Iran

'U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley accused Iran and its ally Hezbollah on Thursday of conspiring to destabilize the Middle East — a charge “categorically” rejected by Iran’s U.N. envoy as a misleading propaganda campaign perpetrated by Israel and others in the region.'

'Haley, predictably, got strong backing from Israeli Ambassador Danny Danon.'

Ahmadinejad Can't Run for President

Iran Wants to Import More Yellowcake Uranium

Who Will Rule?

France heads to polls after grueling campaign


Desperate to Save Lebanon From Itself

Lebanese PM pleads with U.N. to sponsor truce to head off Hezbollah's next war with Israel

How Will France Turn?

Far-Right leader Le Pen running neck and neck with Centrist in French presidential election

Trump Hails Le Pen

'She's strongest on borders, and she's the strongest on what's been going on in France.'

Terror Strikes Paris Again

One dead, two wounded as Muslim terrorist opens fire in Paris on eve of presidential election

Trump: Paris Attack Could Elect a President

'Another terrorist attack in Paris. The people of France will not take much more of this. Will have a big effect on presidential election!'

The Jewish Alt-Right?

French website represents a growing Jewish presence on the Right while still opposing Le Pen

The Rock and the Hard Place

As election looms, French Jews are trapped between antisemitic Left and Right

Dark Legacy

Revealed: Associated Press collaborated with the Nazis

Even Darker

New documents show Allies knew of Holocaust as early as 1942, but did nothing

Trump: Iran Deal 'Under Review'

All Hail Nikki

U.N. ambassador wants Iran, not Israel, at center of U.N. agenda

Report: Iran Pushing Limits of Nuclear Deal

'Death to Israel' Painted on Iran's Latest Missile


Generation Apathy

Why so many American Jewish students aren't fighting for Israel


Jewish Democrat may deal Trump a defeat in Georgia


Candidate is a supporter of JStreet

Report: CIA, FBI in Manhunt for Wiki-Leaker

Study: 89% of Trump Coverage Negative

Islam Means Peace

Fresno shooter shouted 'Allahu Akbar'

LA Times: 'Hate crime' suspected

Sucker Punch

Campus racists use Passover holiday to launch anti-Israel, antisemitic events without Jewish opposition

Fighting Back

Canadian Jewish students enraged over antisemitic 'Passover' event run by pro-Palestinian racists


Mother of All Bombs

U.S. hits ISIS with its most powerful non-nuclear weapon

36 terrorists killed in underground caves

Speaker Paul Ryan Slams Obama at AIPAC Conference

‘These past eight years have been tough’

Speaking Truth to Racism

Pro-Israel activist tells antisemitic UN Human Rights Council, 'Once upon a time, the Middle East was full of Jews. Algeria had 140,000 Jews. Algeria, where are your Jews? Egypt used to have 75,000 Jews. Where are your Jews? Syria, you had tens of thousands of Jews. Where are your Jews? Iraq, you had over 135,000 Jews. Where are your Jews?'


From Hatred to Repentance

New film tells the story of a Hungarian antisemite who became a Jew

Man of a Thousand Voices

Simpsons star Hank Azaria says, 'I certainly feel most at home with Jewish characters.'

The Great Tunnel

New documentary chronicles one of the Holocaust's most daring escape attempts

Chronicle of Failure

The Oslo Process will be chronicled on film

Hidden Hate

X-Men comics artist fired after hiding antisemitic messages in his drawings

Of Course, He Blames the Jews

'When Jews are offended, there is no forgiveness'


Leftist Antisemites Come Out in France

Philosopher Levy attacked after fake quote

'Shove off to Israel or the States, you son of a b***h!'

CNN Slanders the Orthodox

Host of show on religion calls Haredim a menace

Kavod HaRav

Tomb of revered rabbi and mystic Baba Sali to be renovated