Lost Their Appetite for Terror?

New poll shows most Palestinians oppose a third intifada


Great Job, Barack

Satellites Show Mystery Construction at Iran’s Top-Secret Military Site

Take a Hike, America

Iran wants oil payments in Euros

The Anti-Israel Connection

Bernie Sanders' dark allies on the Middle East

Ban Ban!

Israel-hating U.N. Sec-Gen slammed at visit to synagogue

Hamas Hearts ISIS

Barbaric terrorist group's Sinai operatives receiving medical care in Gaza

The Gathering Storm

Hamas preparing 'emergency plan' for war with Israel

What a Shock

New Dutch study shows antisemitism pervasive among Muslim students

Barbarism for Barbarism?

U.S. war on ISIS may be helping al-Qaeda

Where's the Outrage?

Palestinians pile up Torah scrolls and burn them in West Bank

Media mum

Palestinians Use U.N. as Cover for Immorality

Danon: Abbas justifying terrorism using Ki-Moon's words

Crocodile Tears

Fatah official says West pays no attention to Palestinian suffering

'Do we have to hijack your planes again?'

New Hamas Video Celebrates Suicide Bombing

Video depicts destroyed Egged bus

Boycott Peugeot

Car maker pays blood money to do business in Iran

Bill Clinton Calls Someone Dishonest?

Scandal-ridden president blasts Bernie Sanders

Israel and the Candidate

1990 interview reveals Bernie Sanders wanted pressure on Israel


What Ban Ki-Moon Really Wants

The E.U. Keeps Meddling

Israel-hating body yet again denounces home demolitions, settlements

The Battle of Syria

Will the struggle for Aleppo decide Syria's fate?

Open Borders

Turkey agrees to let in expected wave of refugees


North Korea tests ballistic missile, despite worldwide objection

Numbskull at Huff Post Comes to Ban's Defense

'Israel doesn't accept criticism'

BDS Fails Again

Despite the haters, Hollywood to finance trips to Israel for Oscar nominees


The NGO war against Israel

As Antisemitism Conquers Campus

There is no 'safe space' for Jews in higher education

Egypt Strikes Hamas

At Israel's request, Egyptians flood terror tunnels

Syria Threatens Saudis

Foreign minister says Sunni intervention would lead to massacre

Terror Revelation

France shaken by news dozens of militants entered Europe as refugees

Iran Thumbs Its Nose

Army chief vows to bolster ballistic missile program


The Terrorist Next Door

Israeli-Arab conspired to import jihadis

A+ For Israel

Standard & Poor's gives Israel top credit rating

Obama Unleashed?

Netanyahu worries president will become even more anti-Israel as term expires

Peace Partners for Terror

Top Palestinian official threatens airplane hijackings, destroying airports

Yet Another One

Soldier lightly wounded in Ashkelon stabbing attack


Tent synagogue honoring slain Israeli teens torched in the West Bank

Good Riddance

Israel-hating MK Zoabi gets six month suspended sentence for insulting police officers


Bibi wants disqualification of MKs who support terrorism

Attorney General may prosecute MKs who honored terrorists

The Terror Within

Jewish woman stabbed in Israeli-Arab town

Photo: David Stockman

Bernie on Kibbutz

Presidential candidate Sanders volunteered on a Marxist kibbutz in 1963

It's McCarthyism!


Thousands of Palestinian turn out to mourn murderers of Israeli policewoman

Black Stain

Slain American-Israeli's son calls on U.S. to cut off funding for P.A.


Rivals Pile on Rubio in New Hampshire Debate

Analysis: The Governors Strike Back


Adelson for Rubio

Presidential candidate Marco Rubio endorsed by Jewish billionaire's paper

Getting Away With Murder

Congress questions administration commitment to prosecuting Palestinian terrorists who killed Americans abroad

Jewish Antisemites Claim Credit for Fake NYT

Numbskulls did it ‘to show what a paper that was fair and accurate could look like’

Obama's Muslim Infomercial

In first visit to U.S. mosque, president decries 'distorted impression'

Hillary, Bernie Spar About Iran Policy

Clinton suggests Sanders' policies could endanger Israel

Sanders Once Volunteered at Kibbutz Shaar HaEmekim

The Candidates and the Jews

Sanders and Clinton discuss religion, faith, and their connection to Judaism

New Hampshire rabbi opens Hillary's heart


Come Home to Mother Russia!

Putin extends welcome to European Jews

Exposing Facebook

Israeli NGO proves Facebook is biased against Israel


JLo and the Barbarians

BDS bullies pressure Jennifer Lopez to cancel Israel show

The Boss to Israel?

Rumors fly that Bruce Springsteen will play Israel on latest tour

Watch for Panda Po

Ad for Israeli website builder Wix will air during Super Bowl

Secret Files Going Abroad

Exhibit on Eichmann capture to travel to U.S., starting in Cleveland

Actor's Passion Relates to Jewish Roots

Josh Radnor says he is a 'yeshiva bocher' at heart

Sundance Gold

Film 'Sand Storm' about lives of Bedouin women in Israel wins World Cinema Grand Jury Prize

Girl Power

Randi Zuckerberg turns children's book into animated TV series

The Poet and the Neocon

When Norman Podhoretz met Allen Ginsburg

A Writer Looks Back

Israel's foremost novelist Amos Oz contemplates controversy and his country

Truth and Video

Aggressive interviewer questions Jews and Arabs on YouTube


Rescue Mission

Hasidic Jews help save woman who jumped off G.W. Bridge

Brown University Joins List of Colleges With Anti-Israel Activity

Video Vilification

ADL slams antisemitic video shown to high school students

Shabbat Guest

After Israel row, U.N's Ban to speak at Manhattan synagogue

Super Bowl Bet

Denver, Charlotte rabbis make wager, with money going to charity

Keynote Speaker

Patriots owner Robert Kraft to receive honorary doctorate from Yeshiva University

MexiKosher Chef Selects Top L.A. Kosher Places

Fun Facts

Who are the 10,000 Jews of the Granite State?

Dutch Deny, Deny

Netherlands says reports of stopping Holocaust survivors' payments are incorrect

Marseille Jews Feel Need to Be Discreet

French Jews Move to London