The Message of the Meeting


Hezbollah Warned

Israel threatens 'colossal' retaliation if attacked


Liberals try to embarrass Netanyahu by leaking details of Arab summit

Thanks, Obama

Global arms sales hit highest level since end of Cold War

Iran, North Korea Sign Deal to Improve Ties

New York Times Fantasizes About Impeaching Trump

Reuters Attacks Tillerson

Anonymous aides criticize new leader

Analysis: Trump Is a Lot Like LBJ

CNN Goes Nuts

Bibi Hails 'New Day' in Israel-U.S. Relations


Pence Pledges to Stop Iran

Vice-president says U.S. will never allow Israel to be threatened by Iranian nuke


Munich Security Conference organizers cancel appearance between Liberman and Iran's foreign minister

Liberman pledged to slam regime

Watch the Borders

Arab intelligence source says Israel-Jordan-Syria border could become Iranian stronghold

Analysis: Let NATO Fight Radical Islam

Intelligence Agencies Keeping Information From Trump

Krauthammer: Bibi Giddy Over Trump

Trump: Iran Will Never Get the Bomb

Ridiculous Liberals Think Bibi Misses Obama

Good Riddance

BDS racists to face criminal charges in Spain

Cut 'Em Off!

Jewish leaders to lobby for defunding antisemitic U.N.


Trump the Peace Processor

Bibi and Trump Agree

'Iran must not, and will not, obtain nuclear weapons capability'

The Regional Plan

Bibi says Trump understands possibility of peace with Arab world

Liberman Agrees

'For the first time that moderate Arab world, Sunni world understands that the biggest threat for them is not Israel, not Jews and not Zionism, but Iran and Iranian proxies.'

The Settlements Team

U.S. and Israel to work together on 'an area that we have not previously agreed on: I mean, of course, on settlement in Judea and Samaria.'

Lost Opportunity

Bibi nixed peace plan brokered by Jordan and Egypt

Poll: Even Palestinians Don't Support Two-States

Netanyahu Tells Congress: Stop Iran

Russia Calls for 'Post-West' World Order

He Must Go

Senior opposition MK says Bibi should resign if indicted

They Stood for Israel

Report reveals Trump transition team mounted big push to kill U.N. settlements resolution

In Weekly Address, Trump Hails Israel Alliance

'The United States also reaffirmed our unbreakable bond this week, with our cherished ally Israel.'


American Jews split over Trump and Israel

Bibi Hits the Networks

In series of interviews, Netanyahu outlines vision of peace

'Peace requires that the Palestinians finally accept the Jewish state and give up their ideas and fantasies of destroying it.'

'The real core of this conflict between us and the Palestinians is not this or that settlement ... it’s the persistent and enduring refusal to recognize a Jewish state in any boundary.'

Says Arab Countries Warming to Israel

'The Arab countries sort of whisper things in the dark [on Iran]; they would’t say it outright. I had to sort of speak out for everyone in the region.'

The Big Ploy?

Alan Dershowitz says Trump's comments on two-state solution intended to pressure the Palestinians

ANALYSIS: Trump Didn't Dump Two-State Solution

Back to D.C.?

Bibi may return to Washington to address AIPAC conference


Trump Blows His Top at Haredi Reporter

Seethes over question on rise of antisemitism

'President Trump clearly misunderstood my question. This is highly regretful and I'm going to seek clarification.'

Jewish Groups Slam Trump's Response

ADL Chief: 'It is honestly mind-boggling why President Trump prefers to shout down a reporter or brush this off as a political distraction.'

ANALYSIS: Trump Missed a Chance to Condemn Antisemitism

Guess Who's Biggest Target of Hate?

Report reveals antisemitic hate crimes skyrocketed in NYC

Antisemitism? What Antisemitism?

Trump dodges question about some supporters' racism

You're Letting in Nazis!

Pro-refugee Jewish groups attacked for advocating for Muslim immigration

'Pathetic, SELF-HATING Liberal Jewish (JINOS) oppose a President that would protect them from the new Nazis — MUSLIMS'

Antisemitic Storm at UCLA

Viciously racist cartoon in student newspaper denounced


Israel's Ambassador to the U.S.: 'The reason why we do not have peace is because the Palestinians refuse to accept the existence and the right of the Jewish people to a state in our ancestral homeland.'


Sounds of the Holy Land

A look at Israel's diverse music scene

Gal Gadot Strikes Again

Israeli Wonder Woman actress stars in top Super Bowl commercial


Canada's Monsters

Pamphlets distributed at university claim 'Jewish terrorists' orchestrated mosque attack

Meanwhile at Oxford...

Racist conference to include speakers who support Palestinian terrorism

Darkness Rising

Alt-Right website employs racial slurs to claim Jewish conspiracy behind attacks on Jeff Sessions

Censorship at Columbia

University refuses to grant pro-Israel activists entrance to campus event

Antisemitic Incitement at McGill

Student leader urges followers to 'punch a Zionist'