Obama on Syria:

'We Don't Have a Strategy Yet'


Demilitarize Gaza

U.S., France to present options after Cairo talks

Hamas Response?: 'We Will Never Disarm'

ISIS Recruits Foreign Fighters

U.S. identifies citzens joining rebels in Syria

What Makes Some British Muslims Become Jihadis?

Enemies of Mankind

Steinitz to U.S. lawmakers: Global coalition needed to defeat terror

Pew Poll: Americans Sympathize With Israel More Than Palestinians


Britain Raises Terror Threat Level to 'Severe'

Risk of attack is due to events in Syria and Iraq, says home secretary

Al Qaeda magazine threatens targets such as Marks & Spencer store

A Guide to Terror

Al Qaeda booklet details how to make homemade bombs

Chilling Report: Terrorists Call for Attacks on U.S.

Al Qaeda magazine urges car bomb attacks on Times Square, Las Vegas, U.S. military colleges


NATO warns Russia to stop military actions in Ukraine

U.N.: Syrian Refugees Now Above 3 Million

Mass Killings in Syria

Islamic State group kills more than 150 captured Syrian soldiers

Jihadis Kidnap U.N. Officials

Pro-jihad international organization finds its own officials in Syria captured; another 81 peacekeepers trapped

Grisly Findings

U.N. panel: Beheadings in Syria now routine

American Held Hostage in Syria

Young woman said to be doing humanitarian work

A Traitor Gets What's Coming to Him

American jihadi killed fighting in Syria

Report: Second American Killed Fighting for ISIS

A Mother's Plea

American hostage Steven Sotloff's mother issues appeal to ISIS leader: 'Be merciful.'

Shot Across the Bow

U.S. ship fires warning shot at Iranian boat in Persian Gulf

Finally Doing the Right Thing?

U.S. says alliance of nations will arm Iraqi Kurds against ISIS

Israel to Build Water Desalination Plants in Tanzania


IDF Soldier Dies From Shrapnel Wounds

Netanel Maman is 71st Israeli fatality of Gaza war

American Yeshiva Student Laid to Rest

Aaron Sofer found dead after hiking in Jerusalem Forest; dehydration is unconfirmed cause of death

Israel in Crossfire of Syrian Battle

Israel Awaits Arrival of New Submarines

Germany and Israel sign agreement for new Dolphin-class vessels

Reports Indicate Abbas and Netanyahu Met in Jordan

No details on pre-ceasefire talks between the two men

Israeli PM Defends Gaza Operation

Netanyahu lauds 'big military and political victory'

Says Hamas dealt serious blow; Hamas did not get ceasefire demands

Also praises national unity, hails south's resilience

If Hamas renews fire, Israel will respond stronger than ever, warns Bibi

'No Political Agreement, No Peace'

Residents of Israel's border towns pessimistic about future

Where Was Dermer?

Shocking report indicates Israel's ambassador to the U.S. was in Israel for a large part of the war

P.A. Rushes to Exploit the War

Palestinians demand 'timetable' for Israeli withdrawal, threaten to go to ICC

Hamas Reveals True Objective

Spokesman: 'Our true war is for liberating Jerusalem.'

Iran Hails Hamas 'Victory,' Recommends Genocide

'This victory prepares the way for the final liberation of all the occupied lands.'

Israel Hits Back

Ambassador to U.N. demands probe into Hamas war crimes

Hamas on the Ropes?

Israeli security officials say Hamas is badly damaged, losing public support


Likud right-wingers, southern leaders slam ceasefire

Lieberman Attacks

Netanyahu's chief rival slams ceasefire, says Israel should have destroyed Hamas

Lapid: Operation should not end without Hamas disarmament

Opposition Leader Says Government Should Fall

'The army won, but the government failed, and we will make efforts to replace it.'

Iran Says It Is Arming Palestinians for Genocide

'Arming the West Bank has started and weapons will be supplied to the people of this region.'

Arabs riot at Gaza border fence

The Detector

Israeli company says new device can reveal tunnels, prevent attacks

SodaStream's New Bubble-Up

Israeli beverage company may close West Bank plant


Memorandum of Understanding

Cleveland State and Univ. of Haifa formalize relationship

You Made Obama Mad!

Netanyahu-hating former envoy Martin Indyk says government damaged relationship with the U.S.

The Great Divide

U.S. Jewish leaders' responses to Gaza ceasefire run gamut from relief to outrage

Anti-Israel Prof Back at Trinity

Israel supporters fear replay of academic boycott feud

Grim Testimony

Jurors in Arab Bank trial told of terror plots

Monsters of Manhattan

Jewish couple attacked on Upper East Side street by pro-Palestinian thugs

L.A. and Eilat Join Forces

Sister cities create task force on clean-tech

Florida Fiasco

Israeli ex-pat denied service at Shell gas station; owner apologizes for employee

Tsarnaev Sister Arrested in Alleged Bomb Threat

Ailina Tsarnaev of New Jersey charged for phone threat to another woman


The Beasts of the Brooklyn Bridge

Pro-terror pogromists unfurl massive Palestinian flag in NYC

NYPD investigating

Attention Scrabble Mavens!

Yiddish word 'schmutz' is now kosher for play

Hilarious: Media Claims It Is 'Not Defending Hamas'



Joan Rivers 'Resting Comfortably' in Hospital

Comedian suffered cardiac and respiratory arrest during office procedure on vocal chords

U.S. Cable TV to Air Series on Jewish Life

20-part Jewish film series will be shown in September on Turner Classic Movies channel

'Happy' Adon Olam Lifts Spirits

Dispatch From Israel's Burning Man

Hippie spiritual event held in the Negev

Look Who Has an Emmy

Sarah Silverman takes home a trophy for comedy special

Confronting the Wicked Son

Three new books contend with the problem of the Jewish apostate

Fighting the Culture War

Creative Community for Peace brings actors, musicians, and filmmakers together to support Israel against the haters

The Righteous of Hollywood

Dozens of movie heavyweights, including Stallone and Schwarzenegger, issue pro-Israel letter slamming Hamas' 'ideologies of hatred and genocide.'


Israeli Breakthrough Against ALS

Stem-cell treatment in advanced trials

Israeli Judo World Champ Takes Silver

Yarden Gerbi loses title to French rival

A Vanished World

Roman Vishniac's photographs of pre-war Eastern Europe goes online

World Memory Project

U.S. Holocaust Museum helps connect long-lost relatives

Tasteless Tee

Following insensitivity complaints, Zara fashion company destroys inventory of striped shirt with yellow 'sheriff' star

Think Before You Speak

NFL announcer makes antisemitic joke on air

Eye on Teen Tennis Star

Noah Rubin of Long Island plays in U.S. Open

ReWalk Robotics Going Public

Israeli company that helps the paralyzed walk again will be offered on N.Y. stock exchange

End of an Era

Entenmann's kosher baked goods factory closing in Long Island

Closure won't affect products in grocery store

Mumbai Rebirth

Chabad reopens center closed since 2008 terror attack

Antisemitism Surges Across the U.K.

The Nazi Imam

Spanish cleric calls for genocide, shrieking, 'Oh Allah, destroy the plundering Jews.... count them one by one, and do not spare a single one of them.'

A Sick Monster Tries to Follow His Advice

Man calling himself 'Muhammad Shahed' threatens to kill Ohio children in the name of Hamas

Racist Fliers Appear in Australian Neighborhood

Predominantly Jewish area of Bondi wakes up to sick antisemitic messages