Good Riddance

Antisemitic head of British Labour

party faces revolt after Brexit vote

British Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn. Photo: Gary Knight



Opposition leader Herzog implies vote should be held on Palestinian state

'We need to ask the citizens of this country whether they want an Israeli-Palestinian state or an Israeli state.'

An Eye on Brexit

Israel's finance ministry sets up 24-hour situation room to monitor economic fallout

Turkey, Israel Set to Reconcile

Families demand return of soldiers' remains as precondition

Once Again

Kerry and Netanyahu to meet Sunday to talk peace


JStreet lauds pro-Palestinian Democratic platform

The Silver Lining

Democrats vote down amendment written by Israel-hater James Zogby

The Liar Reneges

Abbas walks back allegation rabbis sought to 'poison' Palestinian wells


Office claims Abbas 'didn't intend to do harm to Judaism or to offend Jewish people around the world.'

Bibi Slams

'People can conclude from this who wants to advance peace and a peace process – and who does not.'

State Department Refuses to Condemn Charge

Abbas' E.U. Speech Full of Lies

ISIS Takes Major Blow

Iraqi city of Fallujah liberated from barbarian control

Seaside Nightmare in Somalia

Islamic terrorists kill at least 14 in Mogadishu

'This is not my party'

George Will quits GOP over Trump

Analysis: Hillary Should Be Panicking

Quick Divorce?

E.U. pushes for Britain to leave union immediately



With PM Cameron's exit, Israel loses good friend

Vote Leaves Israel Pondering Policy, Trade Implications

Mixed Reaction from British Jewish Leaders

Is Brexit Best for British Jewry?

Trump Hails Brexit

Says U.K. 'took back their country'

'It's Our Turn'

French, Dutch far-Right leaders call for similar referendum

Pickering Under Fire

Advocate of Iran deal was paid consultant for Boeing, which profited from agreement

Boeing's Iran Deal on Shaky Ground

Not Safe Anywhere

Police kill masked gunman who took hostages at Germany cinema

A First for Israel

Refugee status granted to Sudanese asylum seeker

Internal Strife

U.S. Treasury says it will block Iranian access to U.S. dollars, angering State Department

The Blacklist

Iran will stay on task force which combats money-laundering

Some Good News?

Hamas claims Turkey will restrict organization in order to achieve reconciliation with Israel


The Great Raid

Ugandans and Israelis mark 40th anniversary of Entebbe rescue

Come Home

Jewish Agency head Sharansky tells French Jews 'we are here to help you, we are here to support you, but you need to take the initiative!'

The Second Man

Soldier to be prosecuted for Facebook post on Hebron shooting incident

'Something there makes them leftists'

Likud coalition chairman says Mossad and Shin Bet heads change politics while in office

Campaign Talk

Trump would let Israel decide on Palestinian state, says advisor

Terror Attempt

Palestinian woman shot after car-ramming attempt near Kiryat Arba; Israeli couple lightly injured

Construction of Security Barrier in Southern Hebron Begins

Chicken Little

Abbas rejects Rivlin sit-down, accuses Israel of inciting terrorism

Cites canard rabbis urge poisoning of Palestinian wells

ADL, Netanyahu Slam Abbas' Antisemitic Inanities

Rivlin's Remarks to the European Parliament

'The attempt to return to negotiations for negotiationsí sake, not only does not bring us near the long-awaited solution, but rather drags us further away from it.'

Israeli Official Slams Israel-Hating E.U.

'I feel that those are the ghosts of a colonial European past coming back to life.'

Threat Is Borderless

U.S., Israel sign cybersecurity intelligence-sharing agreement


Obama's Supreme Court Defeat

Court deadlocks in case challenging president's plan to let millions of undocumented immigrants stay in U.S.

Analysis: Defeat Upends Obama Legacy on Immigration

High Court Upholds Affirmative Action Program

Conversion War Heats Up

American rabbi who converted Ivanka Trump decries Israeli rabbinate's 'cruel' rejection of U.S. convert

Holding Out

Sanders says he will vote for Clinton, but not ready to endorse her

Tracking Antisemitism in the U.S.

ADL reports incidents on college campuses doubled last year

Rubio Returns

Florida GOP senator says he will run for reelection to try and kill the Iran deal

A Family's Plea

Steven Sotloff's parents implore Obama to bring home American journalist held hostage

Corruption Probe

NYPD allegedly closes Lincoln Tunnel lane for Israeli billionaire

Fighting Back

Republican Jewish Coalition slams 'progressive anti-Israel Democrats'


Israeli Rhythmic Gymnasts Win Gold Medal in European Championships



Sarah Silverman Target of Antisemitic Rant

Former reality TV star Tila Tequila spews hate at American Jewish comic

The Jury Rules

Led Zeppelin didn't steal 'Stairway' anthem from Jewish rocker

Virtuoso Itzhak Perlman Slams Trump

Genesis Award honoree still upset at GOP presumptive presidential nominee for mocking a disabled reporter

Helen Mirren=Friend of Israel

In Israel to host the Genesis Prize, actress says she rejects efforts to boycott nation

Shakespeare in Venice

'Merchant of Venice to be staged in ghetto

A Little Embarrassing

Host of N.Y. Jewish radio show fined for not filing taxes

Give Coach Blatt Some Recognition

Knesset member urges Jewish Cavs owner to give fired coach championship ring

Stranger Than Fiction

Anonymous man from Argentina pays $680,000 for Nazi underwear and other weird items at German auction

Jewish 'Star Trek' Actor Killed in Freak Accident

Anton Yelchin, 27, died when he was pinned by his own car as it rolled down driveway


Brutal Attack

Jewish man wearing a kippah beaten on the streets in Berlin

What's the Future for Tunisia's Jews?

Families leave as tourism declines and security threats intensify

The Hidden, All-Jewish Town in Azerbaijan

Unique north Caucasus community is experiencing a religious revival

Polish Museum Receives Torah Scroll Found in Garbage Pile

Play Ball!

Los Angeles Dodgers now first M.L.B. team to sign Israeli player

Long Overdue

Indian state grants Jews minority status

Eruv Battle in Crown Heights

Fight about ritual boundary pits modern Orthodox against Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidim

First Jewish Justice Appointed to Argentina's Supreme Court

Mikvah-peeking Rabbi Wants Leniency

Barry Freundel's attorney appeals prison sentence

Camp Tragedy

Girl, 11, killed when tree falls on cabin at Jewish camp in Indiana

Nominations Open for Ruderman Prize

Foundation seeks organizations who excel at including people with disabilities

Birthright Launches New Programs

Excel Adventures and Academic Taglit are for entrepreneurs and students