Trump Gives Minute by Minute Description of Soleimani Hit


After Iran’s ‘Supreme Leader’ Insults Him, Trump Tweets ‘He Should Be Very Careful With His Words’

Black Box From Ukrainian Airliner Shot Down by Iran Heads to Ukraine for Investigation

Hilarious!: Iranian ‘Supreme Leader’ Claims Terrorist Quds Force a ‘Humanitarian Organization’

Says Trump a ‘Clown’ Who Will ‘Push a Poisonous Dagger’ Into Iran’s Back

Iranians Continue to Refuse to Trample American, Israeli Flags

British PM Pledges to ‘Stamp Out the Resurgence of Antisemitism’

Rouhani Says Iran Enriching Even More Uranium

Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations Expresses Solidarity With Iran Protesters

Former Iranian Crown Prince Says Islamist Regime Coming to an End

Palestinian Authority Fears Hamas-Israel Truce

As Egypt Fears Hamas-Iran Relations

Iran Blusters, Threatens European Troops Over Downed Plane

Euros Trigger Iran Deal Dispute Mechanism

U.K. PM Calls for ‘Trump Deal’ With Iran

Iran Goes on Flurry of Arrests Following Downing of Ukrainian Plane

Trump: ‘I Couldn’t Care Less’ If Iran Agrees to Talk

Top Iranian Athlete Defects

Iranian Students Refuse to Trample U.S., Israeli Flags

Israeli Intelligence Helped Kill Soleimani

Bibi Hails Iranian Protesters

‘I note the courage of the Iranian people who are again demonstrating in the streets against this regime. They deserve freedom, liberty and the ability to live in security and peace, all of which the regime denies them.’

So Does Trump

‘There cannot be another massacre of peaceful protesters, nor an internet shutdown. The world is watching.’

Mullahs Scramble to Quash Protests

Bibi Blasts Iran for Shooting Down Ukrainian Plane

As Antisemitic Crowd Rampages in Ukraine

Iran Fears Hezbollah Chief Could Be Next Target

Trump: Soleimani Was Planning Series of Embassy Attacks

U.S. Tried to Kill Another Iranian Terrorist Along With Soleimani

Target Was Another Revolutionary Guards Terrorist

Iran Admits It Shot Down Ukrainian Plane

‘Disastrous Mistake’

Ukraine President Demands Accountability, Compensation

Omani Ruler Who Sought Ties With Israel Dies at 79

Egypt Unveils Restored Alexandria Synagogue

House Dems Try to Stop Trump From Fighting Iran

Chief of Iran’s Terror Army Pledges More Revenge Attacks

Israeli Analyst: Iran Is Taking a Step Back for Fear of Trump

The Spies Who Fingered Soleimani?

Pro-Terrorist ‘Protesters’ in Netherlands Blame Jews for Soleimani Execution


Dershowitz Will Defend Trump in Impeachment Trial

Hardly Shocking: Far-Left’s Court Jew Bernie Sanders Supported Iran During 1979 Hostage Crisis

Dems Pushing to Reverse Trump’s Ban on Immigration From Some Muslim Countries

Muslim Refugee Launches Bid to Replace Antisemite Ilhan Omar in Congress

Jewish Security Agency Says Ordinary Congregants Should Not Be Armed

Congress Seeks Investigation of Pro-Iran Lobby Beloved of Obama

ADL Asks Congress for Online Hate Speech Laws

Feckless Dems Blame Trump for Iran’s Crimes

Trump’s Iran Envoy: ‘We have weakened the regime dramatically’

Chanukah Machete Attack Suspect Pleads Not Guilty

Despite Antisemitic Aides and Associates, Bernie Sanders Claims He’s ‘Proud to Be Jewish’

Antisemitic Jersey City Attackers Planned Their Assault for Months

U.S. Army to Purchase New Israeli Anti-Tank Missile

Anti-Israel Lobby J Street Supports Dems’ Attempt to Stop Trump From Defeating Iran

Academic Nutcase Says Iran Should Bomb Mall of America

Antisemitic Monsey Stabber Faces Federal Hate Crimes Charges

UCLA Investigated by Feds for Hosting Conference of Antisemitic Group

Jewish Man Assaulted on Berlin Subway in Antisemitic Attack

New Jersey NAACP Board Member Booted Over Antisemitic Remarks

Trump’s Antisemitism Envoy Calls on Social Media Companies to Deal With Antisemitic Content

‘The eggshell walking has to end and we have to fight the inclination to nuance antisemitism.’

Tens of Thousands March Against Antisemitism in New York City

New NYC Jewish Security Chief: ‘Unlike other times in Jewish history, we have allies and we have resources.’

Again! Hasidic Man Attacked in New York

Pro-Iran Rioters Attack U.S. Embassy in Iraq