Yep, It's Me

President Obama announces he's the Messiah

Democrats rejoice, Republicans and Jews remain skeptical


Nisman's Family: Argentine Prosecutor Was Assassinated

Ex-wife says private investigation proves death was homicide

Report: Coalition Drones Attack Top Commanders

Syria claims army killed head of al-Nusra Front

Couldn't Happen to a Nicer Guy...

Iran's genocidal, antisemitic Supreme Leader hospitalized in serious condition

To Believe or Not to Believe

Kerry to tell Saudis Iran will not be allowed to get the bomb

Congress Clashes

Recriminations fly as Senate Majority Leader tries to push through Iran oversight bill

Yeah, He Did It...

In bizarre move, Boston Marathon bomber's lawyers admit guilt, refuse to change not guilty plea

Don't Dismiss

Former top Obama envoy to the Middle East Dennis Ross says president should take Netanyahu's misgivings seriously

Obama's Dream, Our Nightmare

Iran FM says 'very close' to nuke deal

So Completely, Utterly Pathetic: U.S. to Provide 'Nuclear Umbrella' to Gulf States After Giving Iran the Bomb

Poll: Americans Oppose Iran Nuke Deal

Bad News for Bibi: Poll Shows No 'Bounce' After Washington Speech


Justice for Jo Goldenberg Victims

French police issue arrest warrants for suspects in 1982 Jewish deli attack

Report Reveals Iran's Ties to Al Qaeda

ANALYSIS: How Iran is building a regional empire


Iran says no deal without end to all sanctions

Jordan Prepares to Crush ISIS

King Abdullah calls struggle 'a third world war by other means

REPORT: Hamas seeks to increase its rocket arsenal

Sunset Clause?

After years of rhetoric, Obama gives Iran the bomb

Movin' On Up

Egypt plans brand new capital city with Gulf funding

Egypt Fights Terror

As West dithers, Cairo officially brands Hamas a terrorist group

Big, Big Pot Meets Kettle

Iranian foreign minister babbles about Bibi using 'scaremongering, falsification, propaganda, and creating a false atmosphere.'

Congress Demands Consultation

Bipartisan group demands congressional approval of any deal with Iran


Did Jesus Live Here?

First century house unearthed in Nazareth could be childhood home

PHOTO ESSAY: Israel Does Purim

Exposing the Haters

Israel's Ambassador to Germany reads hate mail on YouTube video

The Tunnel War

IDF prepares new methods for destroying terror tunnels in the event of war with Hezbollah

The New Middle East?

Analyst: Netanyahu's speech points toward a new alliance among Israel and the Arab states against Iran

Bibi Tells Congress: Israel Reserves the Right to Strike Iran

The President Hits

'The prime minister didn't offer any viable alternatives.'

Bibi Parries

Netanyahu says he presented a 'practical alternative' that would dismantle Iran's nuclear program completely

Message From Moses

In speech to Congress, Netanyahu recalls the biblical leader


Hater Spews Venom in Chicago

Louis Farrakhan blames Jews for 9/11

Senators Object to Fast Tracking Iran Bill

Homeland Security Bill Includes Funding for Religious Groups and Nonprofits

Sea Change for N.Y. Public Schools

Mayor includes Muslim holidays on official school calendar

Mayor De Blasio to Visit Israel This Summer

Kansas JCC Shooter Will Be Tried for Capital Murder

Bipartisan Support for Netanyahu Speech

Sen. Cruz Compares Nuke Deal to Munich

'The nuclear deal being negotiated with Iran, I believe, would be a historic mistake on the same order as Munich.'

Hardly a Shock

Far-Left Senator Elizabeth Warren skips Netanyahu's speech

Netanyahu at AIPAC Policy Conference

Full Transcript of Netanyahu Speech

AIPAC Members 'Heap Pressure on Congress'

Menendez: White House Pressure Won't Work

'I am not intimidated by anybody'

And Surrender Will?

Susan Rice tells AIPAC 'sound bites won’t stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.'

Rice Admits U.S. Capitulation at Nuke Talks

Iran without nukes 'unachievable'


No Respect for History

Islamic State militants smash priceless, ancient Iraq statues in Mosul



American R&B Singer to Perform in Israel

Hip-hop star Lauryn Hill will play one concert in May

"A Freilichin Purim'

Israeli filmmaker captures ultra-Orthodox observance of the holiday

Italian Film on Pope Pius XII Panned

Catholics and Jews criticize 'Shades of Truth' as 'blundering soap opera of dubious quality'

Holocaust Survivor Band Delights

Washed Up Comedian Slams Bibi

Jon Stewart says, 'The truth is no one can speak for all Jews for we are a varied and heterodoxical people. ... We like to argue.'

Film 'Gett' Explores Jewish Divorce

Spock Departs

Jewish Star Trek icon Leonard Nimoy passes away at 83

How he took Judaism and made it Vulcan

Letty Cottin Pogrebin Remembers Nimoy's 'Wise Jewish Soul'


Medieval Synagogue Reopened in Italy

Scolanova Synagogue in Trani deeded back to Jewish community

Saving Sacred Scrolls

Two pre-WWII Polish Torahs will be restored

Israeli Magnates

Nine make the cut for Forbes 500 wealthiest people

French-Israeli telecom and cable magnate Patrick Drahi was 2015's 57th wealthiest person, with a $16 billion net worth

Inspiration on the Slopes

For Vail's Chabad rabbi, skiing is a bonus

Purim By the Numbers

Purim Customs Around the World

Commentary: Purim's Response to Panhandling

A Place to Mourn

Rio 2016 Olympic Villages will commemorate Munich massacre

British Bias

U.K. bans travel ad for referring to Old City of Jerusalem as Israeli

Russian Jews Fret Over Opposition Head's Murder

Assassination of Boris Nemtsov reawakens fear of antisemitism