Bibi to Abbas: Choose peace or Hamas




Blair Gets It

Former British PM says world must stand up to radical Islam, support Israel

France planning crackdown on home-grown jihadists

Fatah Joins With Genocidal Hamas to Form Unity Government

Hamas PM calls for 'one government, one political system and one national program.'

'The possibility for further separation between the two movements is no longer possible given the current circumstances.'

Biden Condemns Anti-Jewish Violence in Ukraine

'Just as corruption can have no place in the new Ukraine, neither can anti-Semitism or bigotry.... The United States condemns in the strongest possible terms all threats and attacks against Ukrainian Jewish communities.'

Egyptian Terror Intensifies

Another police official killed in Cairo bombing

Palestinian Minister Slammed for Saying Jews Equal to Palestinians

Abbas Threatens, Bennett Calls Bluff

'We are hearing again and again the refrain of the same threat that if we donít advance, if we donít give him what he wants, then woe is us, he will dismantle the PA. I suggest to Abbas, if youíre going to shoot, then shoot, donít talk.'

Abbas Makes Demands He Knows Israel Won't Accept

U.S. Releases $1.3 Billion in Military Aid to Egypt

Expert: Syria Has Dumped 86 Percent of Chemical Weapons

American-Israeli Journalist Held in Ukraine



Abbas condemns the Holocaust after years of denial

U.S. Threatens Russia Over Ukraine, Putin Yawns

Jordan Blames Israel for Palestinian Violence

Calls Temple Mount unrest a 'gross breach of international law and of the peace agreement between the two nations.'

Fencing the Sinai

Egypt to build its own security fence against Gaza terrorists

Give Us Everything, Blah, Blah, Blah

Palestinians hand over list of insane demands

Fools Errand

Fatah officials trying once again for unity with Hamas

What The...?

Fatah leader accuses al-Qaeda leader of 'Zionism'


Shortchanging Survivors

50,000 Israeli Holocaust survivors living in poverty

Price Taggers Nabbed

Police arrest three for defacing mosque

Israel's GDP Hits New High in 2013

Israelis make average of $37,500 per year

U.S. Supreme Court to Rule on Jerusalem Passport Issue

U.S. to Abbas: Shuttering P.A. Carries 'Grave Implications'

Denials Begin

Top Palestinian official says P.A. will not be dismantled

Mocks U.S. threats

Lieberman: You Can't Make New Threats Every Day

Netanyahu Gives Up on the Palestinians

'When they want peace, they should let us know. Because we want a genuine peace.'

ANALYSIS: Abbas won't dare dismantle the P.A.

Likud Minister: 'We must make it clear that if the Authority announces it is dismantling, that would cancel the immunity given to the PLO leadership as part of the Oslo Accords.'

A Guarded Optimism?

Israel's top intelligence experts say region is slowly stabilizing, maybe...

The Mighty Fallen

Leader of social justice protest movement now working in a beauty parlor


Democratic Congresswoman: We love the Jews!

'Despite millions of dollars being thrown by the Republicans to try to persuade the Jewish community to support Republicans, the Jewish community voted 70 percent in 2012 for Barack Obama.'

U.S. Will Ease Visa Approvals for Young Israelis

From Capitol Hill: Fears of Israeli Spying Kept Israel Out of U.S. Visa Waiver Program

Beantown Pride

Boston's Jews ready for first post-attack marathon

CNN: U.S. 'Trolls' for Jihadists Online

Gov't. engages with Muslim extremists on social media


Passover Priestly Blessing at the Kotel

Netanyahu Family Tours Israel's North



Looking for Tom Lehrer

Comedy's mysterious satirist and musician abruptly stopped career

On the Auction Block

Edgar Bronfman's art collection up for sale

Wild World

Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens), inducted Into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame



End of Passover tradition celebrates faith

Archeologist Finds Tool Used to Build Kotel

The Donetsk Fog

The mystery behind the demand that Ukrainian Jews register with pro-Russian authorities

The Chips Weren't Down

Poker ace skips Mom's seders, but wins $1 million at tourney