Will Obama take revenge on Netanyahu

at crucial U.N. Security Council vote?


Why? Israel Treats Daughter of Terror Leader Haniyeh in Hospital

Report: Hamas Reconstructing Terror Tunnels

Your Doctor Is a Murdering Terrorist

Israeli Arab medical student joins ISIS, dies fighting

Self-Hating Jews Unite!

Hard-Left group 'Open Hillel' hosts pro-BDS conference

What the...

Russian internet site holds 'Miss Hitler' beauty pageant

'Participants are requested to submit Nazi-themed "selfies" to the competition organized by a neo-Nazi group.'

Holding Fast

Imperiled Kurdish town fights off new offensive by ISIS barbarians

Have the savages finally gone too far?

Jews to the Rescue

Tom Frieden, head of the CDC, heads up America's fight against Ebola

Sickening Students

U.K. student union rejects Holocaust Memorial Day as 'Zionist'

While the World Watches ISIS, Iran Captures Yemen

Abbas Calls Jews 'Herd of Cattle,' Says Jews 'Desecrate' Temple Mount

Lieberman: Abbas Inciting Jihad

Palestinians Demand Timetable for Terror Takeover

P.A. announces campaign for U.N. Security Council vote to set 2016 for Israeli pullout from West Bank

Plane Carrying 7 Israelis Injured in Nepal Storm Arrives in Tel Aviv

Some 40 people still missing

Missing Israeli woman was tracing dead boyfriend's steps in Annapurna

With Holidays Over, Israel Faces Several Tests

New IDF chief, military budget,ISIS top list


Will Hypocrite-in-Chief Ban Denounce U.N. Antisemitism?

Website of U.N. organization UNRWA publishes antisemitic screed

Cosmic Irony

War criminals of Hamas accuse their most prominent useful idiot of hypocrisy


U.S. steps up air strikes on ISIS terrorists threatening to massacre Kurdish town

But coalition members still bicker over strategy

More Obama Betrayal?

Egypt says U.S. did not push for Israel's inclusion in Gaza bribery conference

Nukes? Whatever...

Decadent Europe continues slide by meeting with Iranian officials to renew commercial ties in spite of sanctions

Hamas Maintains Its Grip

Even as the world scrambles to give billions to Gaza, Hamas is reorganizing and rearming with little resistance

Why Won't You Just Give Them Everything?!

Kerry pushing Netanyahu to reopen talks on giving the Palestinians even more land than before

France: We're Obligated to Recognize a Fake State

Foreign minister says France 'would not shirk its responsibilities' to endorse Palestinian delusions if peace talks fail


We'll Do It Ourselves

Israel steps up domestic arms production after shady Obama tactics during Gaza war

Terror Scare

Israeli police detain man suspected of trying to commit a suicide bombing, later determined to be false alarm

Because It's Sooooo Holy to Them...

Palestinians deface Temple Mount with swastikas

Smoothing Over

Defense Minister Yaalon tries to repair diplomatic ties damaged by Kerry's offensive comments

The Tension Continues

Siren sound in southern communities, army declares false alarm

Another One Bites the Dust

Israeli-Arab doctor leaves to join ISIS savages, ends up dead

Tribute to a Traitor

Soccer team owned by Israeli-Arabs gives award to fugitive Hezbollah spy Azmi Bishara

Sports Minister pledges to expel team from Israel's Premiere League

Bear on the Border

Reports reveal Russia is operating a large intelligence base near Syria-Israel border

Just Can't Help Himself

Bennett slams, Palestinians hail Kerry's deranged claim that Israeli-Arab conflict is responsible for ISIS

Terror by Sea

As international community pledges billions in bribes to Gaza, Israeli Navy reveals massive smuggling on Gaza shore


As the U.N.'s Ban Ki-moon continues his hypocrisy tour, thousands of Christians rally in Jerusalem to support Israel


Death of a Shanda

Notorious Cold War spy David Greenglass, who exposed the Rosenberg's espionage, dies at 92

Ivy League Disgrace

Swastikas found on Yale dorm steps

Midterm Elections

Close races to watch include four seats for House

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and Wife Donate $25m to Fight Ebola

Death of a Dynasty

Newly released emails reveal daughter of legendary Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel claimed Bill Clinton did not commit adultery 'according to classical Jewish law'

Jihadi 'Poster Boy' Reportedly Dead

American jihadist killed in Syria

The Ousted Yale Chaplain Speaks Out

Yale Episcopal spiritual leader, forced out over accusations of antisemitism, talks about his resignation

Yeah, There's No Problem With Antisemitism on Campus...

Jewish fraternity finds house defaced with swastikas after Yom Kippur


Priestly Blessing at the Kotel--Sukkot 5775

Shock Video: American Jewish Students Describe Jewish Hate on Campus



'I remember sitting there with Roman and we were both crying. It just brought back the horror of it all.'

Legendary filmmaker Roman Polanski's producer Gene Gutowski opens up about his Holocaust experience

Swiss Museum to Receive German Hoarder's Paintings

'Let the Memories Live Again'

Broadway musical 'Cats' coming to Tel Aviv

Celebrity Watch

Actor Richard Gere to shoot movie in Israel

Estate Sale

Actress Lauren Bacall's art, jewelry to be auctioned in New York

Demonstration Against the Met

'100-Wheelchair Caravan' on Oct. 20 will protest Klinghoffer opera in NYC


Am Yisrael Buy

New app helps users locate Israeli products

Jewish Center Opens in Budapest

Aurora is an alternative Jewish cultural and community hub

Kosher Market Attacked in Crown Heights

Antisemitic violence hits neighborhood again as African-American teenagers vandalize store, shout 'Heil Hitler'

Sears removes 'punk rock' swastika ring from its website

Muslim countries hawk antisemitic literature at Frankfurt book fair

Study: Miami Jewry Is Growing

For the first time in 4 decades, Jewish population has increased

D.C. Rabbi Charged with Voyeurism

Longtime Kesher Israel spiritual leader arrested for allegedly installing camera in mikvah shower