Viva la Revolucion in Iran

Iran will never give up its regional ambitions


Analysis: Iran Reins in Hezbollah

Terror state wants terror group as insurance against Israeli attack

Assad Regime Losing Grip in Syria

Opposition advances, with Saudi help

More Threats from White House

U.S. will abandon Israel at U.N. if Jerusalem doesn't support suicidal two-state plan

Chief 'Negotiator' With Iran Tries to Ease American Jewish Fears

Says military strike would not end Iran's nuclear program and 'the only durable solution is getting an agreement with enough monitoring and transparency to understand what is going on.'

Gloves Off: George W. Bashes Obama

'You think the Middle East is chaotic now? Imagine what it looks like for our grandchildren'

Republicans Blast White House at GOP Summit

'The nation of Israel has never faced greater threats, the American alliance with Israel has never been more imperiled right now today than it is with this administration.'

The Campus Pogrom Hits Stanford

Swastikas painted on fraternity house after series of antisemitic incidents

Berlin police apologize for banning Israeli flag from soccer game

Was It Israel?

Syrian airstrike may have the work of al-Qaeda, not the IDF

America ambivalent on supporting Syrian rebels

Top French Philosopher Sounds a Warning

'Antisemitism in Europe is taking on a new form, is adopting a new wording which makes it again acceptable.'

Arabs attack Jewish man in Paris

While They are Negotiating!

Iranian general accuses United States of planning and carrying out 9/11 attacks

And More!

Khamenei: U.S. oppresses its black population

Analysis: Why the Iran Nuclear Deal Can't Be Saved


Former SS Officer and Holocaust Survivor Embrace in Court

'I am going back to the U.S. with a kiss on my cheek from a former Nazi. This shows that former enemies can get along as human beings.'

After the Quake

Israelis search for family members following devastating Nepal earthquake

200 remain unaccounted for

Israel Offers Aid

Foreign Ministry: 'We are considering dispatching rescue forces.'

The Mideast Arms Race

Weapons purchases total $18 billion, with Saudi Arabia top buyer

Russia: Supply of S-300 systems to Iran Will Not Happen Soon

Italian Police Round Up Terrorists

Al Qaeda suspects may have been targeting Vatican

Thinking Twice

Fleet of Iranian ships on way to Yemen turn around after being followed by U.S. warships

100 Years Since Massacre

Armenia marks centennial of Ottoman genocide

Chinese Sound Alarm

North Korea's nuclear arsenal growing, higher than U.S. estimates

Terror on French Soil

PM: We foiled 5 attacks, including plot to attack a church near Paris

SS 'Accountant of Auschwitz' on Trial

Oskar Groening, 93, is being tried on 300,000 counts of accessory to murder

Former Nazi Guard: 'I Couldn't Imagine' Jews Surviving Auschwitz

Some Good News

Hundreds march in Prague against antisemitism

Another Blow for the Muslim Brotherhood

Former Islamist president of Egypt gets 20 years in prison


To the Rescue

Israel dispatches medical, search and rescue teams to earthquake-torn Nepal

Trapped in Nepal

'Some 150 Israelis have still to make contact following the quake.'

Four rescued on Mount Everest

Is Israel ready for its own earthquake?

Israel and Hamas Talking?

Reports surface of 'unofficial chats' through European back channel

Both sides looking for long-term truce

Building Jerusalem

Israel approves new construction in East Jerusalem, Palestinians condemn

Report: Alleged Israeli Syria Strike Meant to Prevent Wider War

Strategic Retreat?

Israel to attend nuclear disarmament summit

POLL: Young Arabs No Longer See Israel as Greatest Threat to Region

The Last of Its Kind

Legendary Tel Aviv cafe to close after 74 years


PLO to meet Wednesday in order to 'redefine its relationship and its economic and security cooperation with Israel.'

Laughing Off the Rift

Obama jokes about rivalry with Netanyahu at annual White House Correspondents' Dinner

The Barbarians of Berlin

Pro-Hamas conference sparks pro-Israel protests

As Hamas wins student elections at major Palestinian university

In Spite of Everything...

U.N. lists Israel as 11th happiest country in the world

Another Jerusalem Car Attack

Driver who struck three Israeli soldiers arrested

Rocks, firebombs thrown at emergency responders


ISIS in America?

A Win for Israel

Congress votes against European participation in BDS movement

The Middle East Game Board

Former State Dept. official: Iran plays 3-D chess while U.S. plays checkers

Partisan Battles Ahead

Former N.Y. Gov. Pataki calls on GOP presidential candidates to annul Iran deal

Republicans pledge to toughen bill that could derail Iran deal

Hate Spreads to High Schools

Video sounds the alarm on Boston University-affiliated workshop that is anti-Israel

Obama Blames 'Fog of War' for Hostage Deaths

U.S. drone strikes inadvertently killed Jewish American, Italian held by al Qaeda in Pakistan

Slain Captive Warren Weinstein's Widow Slams Administration


Israel may have solutions to California's water shortage

Jeb Bush Visits Orthodox Jewish High School

At Ramaz in Manhattan, potential GOP presidential candidate criticizes 'very naive' Iran deal


Birthday Message From the Prime Minister


Historian Wins Pulitzer

Prof. David Kertzer awarded for biography about Pope's secret ties to Mussolini

Former Journalist Earns Pulitzer

Rob Kuznia left reporter job to work in PR at the USC Shoah Foundation

'Above and Beyond'

New documentary tells the story of Jewish American pilots who volunteered to fight in Israel's War of Independence

Spielberg's Suburban Life

Stargazing in Arizona captured imagination of young filmmaker

Film Is Real-Life Horror Story

'24 Days' tells of kidnapping and savage murder of French Jew Ilan Halimi

Israeli Actress to Represent Israel at Expo Milano

Moran Atias will open ceremonies at largest world's fair, held this year in Italy


Argentine Injustice

President goes on antisemitic rant following the assassination of prosecutor who fingered Iran in 1994 terror attack

Claims Jewish 'Vulture Lord' is trying to undermine peace with Iran

First Jewish App Released for New Apple Watch

'Hayom' harnesses Apple with's Torah knowledge

Looking to Pray on a Remote Island?

Portugal's oldest standing synagogue reopens on Sao Miguel

Pope to Knight New York Rabbi

Arthur Schneier of Manhattan’s Park East Synagogue to be honored for promoting peace

A Can of Worms

Reconstructionists debate dropping ban on intermarried rabbis

Rabbis Convicted in Religious Divorce Ring

Three said to have planned to kidnap men to force them to grant their wives a get

A Football Fumble

NFL season kickoff planned for first night of Rosh Hashanah