Like Rome's Ancient Stones,

Italy's Jews Endure


The Next Move

Iran deal opponents contemplate the day after

Done Deal

Obama secures Iran vote from his Democratic Party

Obama Hunts for More Iran Votes

White House now wants to avoid veto altogether

Three More on Board

Democratic Sens. Cory Booker, Mark Warner and Heidi Heitkamp back Iran deal

Politico: Democrats on the Fence

Presidential Candidate Marco Rubio Pledges to Undo Deal

'We will reimpose sanctions, and in fact, I will ask Congress to increase sanctions, and we will back it up with a credible threat of military force.'

Bibi Did It Wrong?

AIPAC official says Netanyahu’s speech to Congress 'made the Iranian issue a partisan one. As soon as he insisted on going ahead with this move ... we lost a significant part of the Democratic party.'

Netanyahu: 'The majority of Americans see eye to eye with us in terms of the threat Iran poses.'

Yeah, Right

Kerry pledges to fight Iran's attempts to destabilize region

Proposes new 'memorandum of understanding' with Israel

He'll Probably Get It...

Iran's Supreme Leader demands end to all sanctions

Kuwait Uncovers Iranian Terror Plot

TOBIN: Hillary-Blumenthal Emails Herald Demise of Pro-Israel Democratic Party

Europe's True Face?

E.U. official beats woman while shouting 'Dirty Jewess!'

For God's Sake Why?

Meet the Jews voting for antisemitic U.K. Labour candidate Jeremy Corbyn

High Holy Days Security

New York Jews hold briefing with NYPD

Rabbi: 'More important than ever in such dangerous and perilous times.'

The Horror

Syrian child drowns during attempt to reach Canada [Caution: Disturbing images]

ISIS Within Five Kilometers of Damascus

Kerry Admits Obama Not Doing Enough

'There will need to be people on the ground.'

Explaining ISIS

An interview with author of book on barbaric terror group

Iranian Derangement

Military commander claims U.S. sponsors ISIS

Who Cares About Homeless Gazans?

Hamas seizes building materials to build tunnels

In or Out?

Speculation rages around Abbas' threats to resign


Oh, the Irony

Holocaust denier David Irving leading tour of WWII sites

U.S. Offers to Sell Israel Loads of Weapons After Making it 'Safer' With Iran Deal

Absolute Unity

Forward editor says Jews are not divided on the Iran issue

Iran Already Violating Missile Ban

'We have formally announced that we are not committed to these provisions [related to missiles] mentioned in [the] U.N. resolution.'

Meanwhile: Oil Rich Iran to Build Two More Nuclear Plants

Joe Lieberman Blasts Deal

'What has happened to the Democratic Party of John F. Kennedy, that I joined and signed up for a long time ago?'

Senator Lindsey Graham Joins In

'This deal is a marriage made in hell between a radical ayatollah and the ability to get a bomb. If you don’t change the nuclear pathway forward, then you’re legitimizing a nuclear weapon.'

So Does Dick Cheney

Deal 'will never be forgotten in the Middle East as the time the United States turned its back on all its friends and allies and signed on with the mullahs in Tehran.'

Trump: U.S. will end up fighting for Iran

'If Israel attacks Iran, according to that deal, I believe, the way it reads, unless they have a codicil or they have something to it, that we have to fight with Iran against Israel.'

Overwhelming Opposition

79 percent of Americans believe nuclear inspections will be ineffective

Case Closed

France drops investigation into Arafat's death

Sick and Sicker

Leading candidate for U.K. Labour party leadership lobbied for release of Israeli embassy bombers

Scandal in Scandinavia

Norwegian bank issues antisemitic credit card image

The Horrors of ISIS

Yazidi woman describes her torturous ordeal as an ISIS prisoner

'These men are not human. They only think of death, killing.'

ISIS Rising in Gaza

Barbaric terrorist group responsible for rocket fire


American Tourists Injured in Hebron Attack

Attempted lynch attack on five lost U.S. Jews prevented by local Arab

IDF Strikes Gaza After Sniper Fire Hits Israeli Homes


Arab commentators praise Israeli soldier attacked by women and children

'An Arab soldier would have shot them all'

SodaStream Strikes Back

Head of company targeted by BDS denounces boycotters as antisemitic

The President's Papal Audience

President Rivlin to visit the Vatican

U.N. Claims Gaza Will Soon Be 'Uninhabitable'

'The social, health, and security-related ramifications of the high population density and overcrowding are among the factors that may render Gaza unliveable by 2020.'

Taking Down Terror

Knesset set to pass new anti-terrorism bill

Left-wing Meretz party attacks as 'totalitarian'


August 2015 was the second hottest since 1935


Jewish graves vandalized on Mount of Olives

Intel Israel Strikes Again

New chip twice as fast as current computers

Inside the Peace Process

Advisors told Hillary Clinton to be more friendly to Netanyahu

'Put your arm around him, he still thinks we are out to bring him down.'

Abbas to Step Down as Head of PLO

Will remain president of Palestinian Authority


Media revises stories about attack on Israeli soldier by Palestinian women and children


Veep Visits Swing State

Biden pushes Iran deal to South Florida Jews

Hundreds protest during Biden visit

Trump Promises Loyalty to GOP

Republican front-runner signs pledge not to run for president as an independent

Check the Calendar

Pennsylvania state senator protests legislature's plan to convene on Rosh Hashanah

Poll: GOP Majority Says Obama Is a Muslim

Survey was taken by left-leaning Public Policy Polling

Slain Journalist's Parents Remember

One year after Steven Sotloff's beheading by ISIS, family announces foundation to endow scholarships for journalism students

The Hillary Clinton Gefilte Fish Email Explanation


Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee demands apology after criticism of Holocaust remarks

Jury Convicts White Supremacist of Murder

Killed three at Kansas City JCC

An Ally in Trouble

Canada's pro-Israel PM likely to be defeated in upcoming elections

Yeah, Right

Obama tells American Jews surrender deal ensures Iran will not get the bomb

Trump, Cruz Team Up for Rally Against Deal

GOP presidential candidates slated to appear at Sept. 9 Capitol Hill event


Who Will Help SpongeBob? Jewish Teens Will

The Speech

Egyptian graduate of Tel Aviv University hails coexistence


BENJAMIN KERSTEIN: Antisemitism Today Is a Muslim Problem

ABDULLAH SWALHA: Arabs Are Now Seeing Israel Differently

ALAN JOHNSON: Israel-Hating Candidate for Labour Leadership Shows Corruption of the Left

JONATHAN TOBIN: The Democrats Now Own Iran. They'll Soon Wish They Didn't

CAROLINE GLICK: We Are Losing the War Against Jihad

CLAUDIA ROSETT: Debacle With Iran

LEE SMITH: Welcome to the Iran Lobby


Spreading a Little Love

Jewish singer-songwriter carves lucrative niche with catchy commercials

Film on Rabin Assassination Up for Major Prize at Venice Film Festival

Carlebach for the Next Gen

Hasidic hipster band Zusha will have first full-length album out in November

Rosh Hashanah Reading

Five new kids' books for the High Holidays

'Homeland' Creator's Latest Project

Gideon Raff to direct film on Israel's rescue of Ethiopian Jews

Defying the Boycotters

Israelis turn out in droves for musicians who play Israel

This Year in Jerusalem

After controversy, Matisyahu to play Jerusalem concert

Top Jewish Neuroscientist Dies

Oliver Sacks' story was told in the film Awakenings


Where's Israel?

For a second time, Fanta soda company erases Israel from website map

A Higher Standard

Orthodox students at Dartmouth College urge stricter kosher supervision

Intriguing Finds

Archaeologists discover mysterious 2,000-year-old podium in Jerusalem

1,800-year-old sarcophagus discovered in Ashkelon

Long Life

Israel ranks sixth in global healthy life expectancy study

Hasidic Jew Consults for Google

By day Issamar Ginzberg studies Torah; by night, he works in the corporate world

Caribbean Paradise

Curacao has rich Jewish history

Don't Underestimate Toronto Jiu-Jitsu Champ

Bar mitzvah boy Noah Kales weighs just 82 pounds

'Madame le Rabbin'

Meet France's secular female rabbi

The Warrior

Jewish man joins battle against ISIS

'I wrote Rabbi Nachman's name here to bring some light in to this black sink hole of torture, rape, murder and savage war. Amen.'

Asking Forgiveness

Monaco apologizes for deporting Jews during Holocaust; monument unveiled bearing names

All in the Family

Israel ranked fourth best place worldwide to raise a family

Jewish Cafe Re-opens in Shanghai

White Horse Cafe was popular meeting place for Jewish refugees during WWII

Ten Years After Katrina

New Orleans Jewish community stronger than ever