Netanyahu: Israel Under Attack on Two Fronts


BBC Chief Not Sure if Jews Have a Future in Europe

Iranian Cleric: Iran Could Build the Bomb


Hamas reportedly sends back-channel message

to Israel saying it will crack down on rocket fire

Analysis: New Gaza War Not Far Off

Obama Finally Does the Right Thing

Often-hostile president signs bill declaring Israel a 'strategic partner' of the U.S.

How Dare She?!

Right-wing slams Livni for warning Kerry that Palestinians' U.N. resolution would strengthen Bibi and Bennett

Bennett: 'Tzipi Livni has reached the depths of political subversion.'

Bibi: 'Immediately after the elections, [Livni and Herzog] intend to retreat and allow the creation of a second Hamastan in Judea and Samaria.'

Good News: Campus Pogrom Suffers Defeat

Harvard president stands up to Israel-hating racists, reverses attempt to ban SodaStream

'Harvard University's procurement decisions should not and will not be driven by individuals' views of highly contested matters of political controversy.'

Moronic self-hating Jewish activist called presence of soda machines 'micro-aggression,' whatever that is...

SHOCKER: French Appeasement Fails

Decades of capitulation to radical Islam fails to stop Islamist barbarian from going on violent rampage, attacking policemen

NYT: Even When Israel Does Something Right it Does Something Wrong


How Palestinian Diplomatic Aggression Was Checked

Reports indicate Kerry was persuaded to block U.N. Security Council Resolution by consultations with Peres and Livni

Expressed concern that resolution would strenghten the Right in upcoming elections

'Kerry has been very, very clear that for the United States it was not an option to discuss whatever text before the end of the Israeli election.'

Palestinians Under Heavy Pressure to Delay Vote

Palestinians: Show Us the Money

Reportedly, only two percent of $5.4 billion pledged to rebuild Gaza has been delivered

Wake Up Call

Report: Hamas diverting materials to rebuild tunnels

Islamists Take Credit for Bombing French Center in Gaza

U.S. Proclaims: We Got 'Em

Several IS leaders have been killed in Iraq by airstrikes, says Joint Chief of Staff head

But, Prepare for Long Haul

Islamic State fight will take at least three years, warns U.S. general

The Burgas Connection

Hezbollah: Bulgaria terror attack led to trail of alleged Mossad spy

Fighting Words in Sweden

Politician calls for Jews to abandon their faith


Lieberman refuses meeting with Swedish foreign minister

Victory for Nazi-Hunters

Accused former SS guard, age 93, to be tried in Germany

Travesty in Pakistan

Alleged mastermind of Mumbai terror attack granted bail

Prosecutor Will Challenge Court Order

Evil at United Nations

Palestinian security council resolution calls for end of 'occupation' by 2017

The One Righteous Man

British PM Cameron blasts Labour party for voting to recognize 'Palestine'



Police continue campaign against Jewish extremist group Lahava, arresting four more members

Tekumah Faction Stays Within Jewish Home, Spurring Yishai

Sharansky Speaks

Legendary Prisoner of Zion gives major interview, says, 'What is missing in Israel is Zionists on the Left and democrats on the Right.'

The Triumvirate

Three rivals are seeking to depose Mahmoud Abbas, with tacit support from the U.S. and Israel

Oh, Christmas Tree

Jerusalem municipality will distribute 100 free trees to Christian residents

Rocket Fired From Gaza

No casualties or damage in Eshkol in third attack since summer’s war

Netanyahu: Israel Won't Tolerate 'Even One Rocket'

Is Clock Ticking Down to Next Israel-Hamas War?

Hamas Howls, Threatens

After being hit for their aggression, genocidal terrorists announce, 'The resistance has the right to respond to the Israeli aggression at the time and place it chooses.'


Israeli officials react with anger to Palestinians' Security Council resolution


'I would make sure that Israel knew that we had their back'

Likely presidential candidate Ben Carson pledges strong support during first visit to Israel

Dramatic Gesture

Police turn backs on New York mayor after cops killed

Not Even the Mayor's Son Is Safe

Rahm Emmanuel's son Zach robbed, brutally assaulted outside family's home

U.S. Will Not Support Palestinian Bid

State Dept: 'We have seen the draft, and it's not something we would support.'

Senators Urge Veto for Palestinian Unilateral U.N. Moves

ZOA Calls for Pollard Release

Mort Klein: 'If President Obama can free three spies for a hostile state like Cuba, including a murderer, he can certainly pardon Jonathan Pollard.'

'All Rant, All Slant, All the Time'

Billboards accuse NYTimes of biased reporting on Israel

Obama Signs Legislation Ending Nazi Benefits

Measure bars suspected war criminals from receiving Social Security

Tsarnaev Appears in Court

Boston Marathon bombing suspect not seen since 2013; defense seeks delay in trial

Kansas City Shooter Ruled Competent to Stand Trial

White supremacist claims 'right' to attack Jews


Obama Lights Coexistence Menorah

Candleabra constructed by students of bilingual Jerusalem school attacked by arsonists

Biden Marks Hanukkah

National Menorah lit on the Ellipse outside White House

Top Hanukkah Videos

Ex-C.I.A. Director: U.S. Holding Pollard For 'No Good Reason'

P.A. Official: Israel Plans to Build 'Alleged' Temple

Palestinian Preacher: Jews 'Most Evil of Allah's Creations'


Sony Pictures Under Attack

Hacker leak and threats of terror force company to pull release of farce about North Korea

What Can the U.S. Do?

Colbert's Top Jewish Moments

A look back at TV comedic host's jokes, as 'Colbert Report' comes to a close


Berlin exhibit captures mood of Germans at end of WWII

Journey to Jerusalem

PBS TV series provides visual guide to holy sites, with focus on Sukkot

Were There Jews at Hogwarts?

Author says Harry Potter had Jewish wizard classmate

BOOKS: 'Nazis Next Door' Reveals U.S. Coverups

Whither America?

New book outlines a new paradigm for America's involvement in the world


Another Honor for Dr. Elie Wiesel

Polish school bestows honorary doctorate on Holocaust survivor and writer

Rabbi Harold Schulweis, 89, Dies

Prominent Southern California spiritual leader was national figure in Conservative movement

Herod's Secret Tunnels

Entryway to ancient hilltop fortress discovered

Tehran Ceremony

Iran unveils monument for fallen Iranian-Jewish soldiers

Chag Hanukkah Sameach!

Diverse culinary traditions around the Jewish world

Hanukkah Oh Hanukkah

8,000-year-old cruise of oil found in Israel

Stele on Display in New York Proves King David's Existence

Turkey's Long History of Antisemitism

Jews have been persecuted for a century under the modern Turkish state

Hanukkah in Jerusalem

Pursuing Justice

Aid to Holocaust victims to increase by $80 million in 2015

New Guinness Record Holders

Scouts in Ramat Gan unveil world's largest dreidel

Par Excellence

First Israeli golfer qualifies for major tournaments

Welcome Little Koby Zidan

N.Y. Jewish couple names son for heroic Druze policeman