Here's What Arabs Think of Jews


Netanyahu Announces New Security Measures

More soldiers in East Jerusalem, terrorists' homes to be demolished

Clown U.N. Chief Says Israel Using 'Excessive Force' to Defend Citizens From Crazed Murderers

Theater of the Absurd

Palestinian PM: '[Israeli] violations ... should trigger immediate action by the international community, including the Security Council, to finally take measures to provide the Palestinian civilian population with immediate protection.'

Terror Wave Continues

Four attacks strike Israel in a single morning

VIDEO: Crowd Subdues Ra'anana Terrorist

'Stop stuttering and start acting'

Opposition leader Herzog demands stronger action against terror

Palestinians Collapse Into Fantasy

On social media, dead terrorists are portrayed as victims

Just as Ludicrous

Turkey accuses Israel of using 'disproportionate force' against terrorists

'The Palestinian Authority has lost the right to exist.'

Deputy Foreign Minister blames Abbas for spike in violence

60-year-old rabbi killed in car-ramming attack

One terrorist was Hamas operative released from Israeli prison


Arab League calls for international community to protect Palestinians

U.N. Employee Endorses Terror

Changes Facebook icon to a knife

Cut. It. Out.

Arab states tell Abbas to act against terrorism

Not Random

Officials say Jerusalem attacks appear to be 'a planned and timed assault.'

Shocker: Hamas Hails Terror

'We call to continue the intifada, which is the natural response to the world's silence.'

Israeli-Arabs Call General Strike

'The Arab public has a democratic right to speak out.'


Pro- and anti-Israel protesters to go head to head in London

Tension on the Northern Front

IDF responds to mortar fire on the Golan Heights

Winning the Sheldon Primary

Top Republican donor Sheldon Adelson reportedly leaning toward presidential candidate Marco Rubio

Diplomatic Scam

No one will abide by the Iran deal but Obama

U.S. Getting Really Tough on Iran

Says missiles test 'likely' violated U.N. ban

But U.S. relieved: test does not violate nuke deal


Great Job, Barack: Iran Hands Down Guilty Sentence to Washington Post Reporter

State Dept. 'monitoring' the case

Good Riddance

Top Hezbollah terrorist killed by Syrian rebels

Iran Successfully Tests New Ballistic Missile

Claims its for 'peaceful' purposes

Dead or Alive?

ISIS leader may have been killed in air strike

Overhaul of Syrian Strategy

Obama drops failed Pentagon program to train rebels

ISIS Advances on Aleppo

Militants said to be one mile from Syria's largest city

Iran General Killed in Syria

Commander of Quds Force reportedly killed fighting ISIS


Some Good News

India's president to make first official visit to Israel


Attack #4 Monday: Palestinian Shot Dead on Bus After Trying to Take Soldiers's Weapon

Onlooker subdues him with nunchucks

Attack #3 Monday: Arab Cowards Attack 13-year-old Boy on Bike With Machete

One hit by car, the other shot dead; boy in stable condition

Media Malfeasance: Reuters blames violence on Israeli response to Arab murder

Another One

Terrorist attacks policeman in Old City

Two in One Hour

13-year-old boy wounded in northern Jerusalem, female terrorist attacks border guard

Jerusalem Mayor: 'To our shock & horror, there is no limit to the cruelty of the murderers who attack innocent young children on their way home from school.'

Nazareth Mayor Slams Arab MK for Incitement

'You've destroyed our city!'

We're Outta Here!

Arab MKs walk out on Netanyahu's opening Knesset speech

Bibi: 'A hundred years of terrorism. A hundred years in which they try to destroy the Zionist enterprise. Our enemies have not yet learned. Terrorism will not defeat us.'

'This is our home. This is our homeland. Our will to live will defeat our enemies' desire to kill.'

Calls on Israel-Arabs 'to repel the radicals among you.'

Left-wing heckler removed


Jeremiah Wright Returns!

Obama's mentor: Israel an apartheid state, Jesus was a Palestinian

Jews Against Hillary?

Incensed by Obama's anti-Israel policies, Jewish voters planning to punish Clinton

Antisemitic Attack in New York

Man throws Molotov cocktail at two yeshiva students

'I'll come back with a knife and kill you!'

Antisemitic Attack in New York, Part II

Teenage Muslims throw bottle caps at Orthodox Jewish woman

'This is a man truly living in a make-believe world.'

Top analyst on Obama's former defense secretary's scathing critique of the president

F.B.I. Is Watching

Counterterrorism agents claim activities of dozens of potential IS recruits disrupted

McCain: Terror Wave in Israel May Be Due to America's Weakness

U.S. Jewish Leaders Speak Out

Presidents Conference tells Obama: Cut funding to Abbas

Fly the Friendly Skies of United

Airline to launch Tel Aviv-San Francisco flights

Get Rid of Him!

Hillary says Assad must be removed from power

Give Me Your Huddled Masses...

N.Y. Council Jewish Caucus urges Obama to let in more Syrian refugees


Bleak Thursday

Palestinian Arabs attack Jews in Afula, Kiryat Arba, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem in one day

The Culture of Hate

Bystander Who Tackled Terrorist Says He Had No Fear


BRET STEPHENS: Palestine, the Psychotic Stage

JONATHAN ARNOLD: A Storm of Terror Is Brewing

AVI ISSACHAROFF: Inside the New Generation of Palestinian Terror Supporters

JONATHAN TOBIN: The New York Times and Temple Denial

YOSSI MELMAN: Restraint Is Power

JEFF BARAK: To End Terror, Leave the West Bank

JONATHAN SPYER: Is Jerusalem Spinning Out of Control?

JAY NORDLINGER: Hung Up on Israel


'Doomed to Succeed'

Veteran Middle East negotiator Dennis Ross chronicles decades of the U.S.-Israel relationship

Author Molly Antopol Awarded Hadassah Prize

Her short-story collection, 'The UnAmericans,' wins Ribalow prize for Jewish fiction

Jewish Activist Wins Nobel Prize for Literature

Svetlana Alexievich was exiled from Belarus for fighting against antisemitism

Joke With the Pope Contest Winner Is...
A Rabbi

Vermont's rabbi-comedian Bob Alper jokes he is now 'honorary comedic adviser to the pope'

French Filmmaker Chantal Akerman Dies

Film, 'No Home Movie,' was portrait of Auschwitz-survivor mother

Matisyahu's Message

Jewish reggae star urges solidarity with Israel


'We Were There, That Could Be Us'

Jewish groups rev up response to refugee crisis

Holocaust Archive Uploads Documents

The International Tracing Service has posted photos and personal papers of Nazi victims online

Japanese 'Schindler' Finally Recognized

Chiune Sugihara getting his due in Japan decades after WWII

Synagogue in Rhodes Is Closed on Shabbat

Return of the Shul

Breathing new life in Tel Aviv's Great Synagogue