Israel Slams Turkey

for Harboring Hamas


Israel Keeps Eye on Syrian Border

IDF holds exercises as intra-Syrian fighting continues

See No Evil...

Israel accuses U.N. of turning blind eye to terrorism

Fulfilling Ben-Gurion's Dream

'Negev Progress Plan' includes 22 new Negev desert communities

Teen Terrorist

17-year-old Palestinian girl carrying knife arrested in Hebron

Shin Bet Busts Hamas Conspiracy

Cells based in Turkey were planning wave of coordinated terror attacks

Plot to attack Jerusalem soccer stadium uncovered


The Pope's Plea

Visiting Turkey, Pope Francis calls for Muslim opposition to ISIS

On Assad's Doorstep

Syrian rebels make new push south of Damascus

French FM's Gambit

Fabius: If peace efforts fail, France will recognize Palestine as state

The Last Sane Man in Europe

Former French President Nicholas Sarkozy comes out against recognition of non-existent Palestinian state

Denmark Set to Vote on Recognition

E.U. Lawmaker: Israel a 'State of Child Killers and Land Robbers'

Netherlands PM: Don't Recognize 'Palestine'

British Boycott

Town with large Muslim population bans Israeli goods

Iran Terror Leader in Chief Approves of Talks' Extension

'If the negotiations do not yield results, it is America that will be the loser'


Al-Sisi offers to deploy Egyptian forces in Gaza and the West Bank


Lieberman's Peace Plan

Pay Arab citizens to relocate to Palestinian state

Arab Sniper Narrowly Misses Jewish Motorist on Hwy 60

Flooding Causes Havoc in Gaza

Firefight on Gaza Border

Terrorists fire on IDF patrol, army retaliates with artillery

'Jerusalem Not In the Koran'

IDF chief rabbi speaks out against Muslims who pray at Temple Mount

Jordanian Waqf Building Illegally on Temple Mount

Flouting Israeli law with no permit or permission

Bibi Responds to Hamas Terror Conspiracy Arrests

Says attack could have 'claimed the lives of many victims in our country,' security forces working 'day in day out to ensure the safety of Israeli citizens.'

P.A. Television Hails Savage Murderers

Synagogue attackers praised as victims of unprovoked Israeli attack

Terrorist Widow Cries Over Home Explusion

MK Responds: Where are your tears for Har Nof orphans?

Finally! A Muslim Leader Says Attacks on Jews 'Stain Islam'

Har Nof massacre a 'shameful act'

Knesset Bill Would Force MKs to Pledge Loyalty to Jewish State

Peres Denounces 'Jewish State' Bill

Former president blasts 'attempts to subjugate the Declaration of Independence for transient political purposes.'

Bibi's Backup Plan

Facing possible coalition collapse, Netanyahu seeks support from ultra-Orthodox parties

United Torah Judaism leader says Haredi bloc is prepared to replace Livni and Lapid

Brother of Hero Cop Denounces 'Jewish State' Bill

Murat Saif, whose brother died in gunfight with synagogue terrorist, says bill would differentiate between 'Druze and Jewish blood'

Arab Supreme Court justice joins chorus of condemnation

No. Just No.

Birthright Israel ends collaboration with far-Left New Israel Fund

Poll: Majority of Israeli Arabs Oppose Terror, Want to Stay in Jewish State

New Anti-Terrorist Policy Enacted

Interior ministry to revoke residency status of synagogue terrorist's wife

Israel adopts new security plan after recent wave of attacks

Plan has eight major policy changes

No Entry

Jerusalem mayor says those bent on 'provocations' will not be allowed in Temple Mount

Abbas' Holocaust Libels

Inside the P.A. president's book that blames Zionism for the Holocaust while 'questioning' whether it happened at all

Hides Rejection of Israel Behind Claims of Compromise

Abbas says he is ready for a state on 22 percent of 'Palestine' - meaning all of Israel proper

It Was Terrorism

Shin Bet reports that death of Jewish construction worker was not an accident, but 'nationalistic' murder

Peace Partners Demand America's Annihilation

Temple Mount imam howls, 'Oh Allah, annihilate America and its coalition. Oh Allah, enable us to cut off their heads.'


Joe Lieberman for Secy of Defense?

Sen. Ted Cruz puts forth name of former Jewish senator for key post

Ummmmm... No.

Obama's first choice to replace Hagel refuses nomination, likely due to concerns about White House conduct toward the Pentagon

Anti-Israel BDS links Ferguson and Israel

ADL Blasts Football Player for Ferguson-Palestine Comparison

I Would Have Marched

Prominent liberal columnist wanted to protest Ferguson verdict, but antisemitism among protesters stopped him

Ferguson in Flames

St. Louis synagogue provides sanctuary to protesters

Oil Deal Renewed

Israel and U.S. update emergency oil supply agreement

Supreme Court Justice Recovering

Ruth Bader Ginsburg undergoes heart procedure

Rabbi Under Attack for Anti-Arab Comments

Orthodox leaders distance themselves from N.J. spiritual leader


Chairman of pro-Israel evangelical group says Obama is 'one of the most antisemitic presidents in the history of the United States of America.'


This Is What Abbas Means by 'Peace'

Berkeley Students React to ISIS, Israel Flags

Policeman Recounts How He Killed Savage at Synagogue Massacre

'The terrorist came outside shooting. ... I kept shooting and the terrorist fell.'

Bennett Confronts BBC


Bringing Down the Hammer on Hammerfest

Milan Jews call for ban on neo-Nazi concert and rally

How Dare You Criticize Me?! I'm From the New York Times!

The Gray Lady's Israel correspondent denounces critics who exposed her incompetence

Sick. Sick. Sick.

Israel-hating professor who called antisemitism 'honorable' gets standing ovation

The Divine Miss M

Singer Bette Midler recalls growing up Jewish in Hawaii

What's a Hullegeb Festival?

Annual Israeli-Ethiopian Arts Fest to be held in Jerusalem Dec. 4-11

Swiss Museum Accepts Gurlitt Art Trove

Pledges to ensure any pieces looted by the Nazis from Jewish owners are returned

Israel-Hating Foreign Press Group Denies It Hates Israel

After appallingly biased and racist coverage of synagogue attack, reporters 'reject' Israeli minister's 'blanket condemnation of foreign media.'

As Naftali Bennett Exposes BBC Racism

Israel-hating network refuses to show images of synagogue victims even though it showed endless images of Palestinian casualties during Gaza war

Two Israeli Films Make Oscar Top Ten

'Aya,' and 'Summer Vacation' among finalists for best short films


Oh, Please

Expert denounces AP report that claimed Iran is super-awesome for Jews

Israeli Attacked in Berlin

Man leaving synagogue beaten in street

For Shame

Shoes of Majdanek inmates stolen from museum

Mumbai Tragedy Remembered

Six years after terror attack, Chabad House will open memorial

PHOTO GALLERY: Ethiopian Jews Celebrate Sigd Holiday in Israel