Abbas, Fingers Point to You

for Jerusalem Unrest


Fatah Calls for Day of Rage in Jerusalem

Still, police open Temple Mount for Friday prayers


Conference of Presidents joins wave of Jewish organizations demanding Obama repudiate anonymous official's defamation of Netanyahu

Top Republicans Slam Defamation of Netanyahu

Senators Graham and McCain: 'There is no excuse for Obama administration officials to insult the prime minister of Israel. ... That does nothing but harm to America’s national security interests, and President Obama must put an end to it immediately.'

House Speaker Makes Official Statement

'When the president discusses Israel and Iran, it is sometimes hard to tell who he thinks is America’s friend and who he thinks is America’s enemy.'

Journalist Who Reported Defamation Says Bibi Must Give in to Defamer's Demands

'For it to be reversed, from the American standpoint, they would have to see the Israeli government take some of the steps Obama has been asking for for years.'


Head of Simon Wiesenthal Center demands Obama expose, apologize for official who called Netanyahu 'chickensh*t'

Abbas Steps Up Incitement

'This dangerous Israeli escalation is a declaration of war on the Palestinian people and its sacred places and on the Arab and Islamic nation.'

Confronting the Academic Pogrom

University of Haifa to demand inclusion at conference held by organization that called for boycotting Israeli academics

Sweden Joins Coalition of Delusion

Left-wing government recognizes fake Palestinian state


As Obama calls Bibi a coward, his own administration is falling apart

The Double Standard

Egypt expels thousands of Gazans from border area, blows up their houses, world says nothing

U.N. Holds Emergency Session on Jerusalem

Israeli ambassador: 'Israel is our home and Jerusalem is our eternal capital'



Following in the footsteps of mentor Arafat

Poll: More Palestinians Back Violence Against Israel After Gaza War

Hating Israel, Loving Iran

Obama administration cozies up to psychotic Islamist state

Even as government buildings step up security for fear of Islamist terror attacks

And if Israel Did This?

Egypt Gives Gaza Residents 48 Hours to Evacuate Homes

Fortitude: Egypt Cancels Trade Pact With Turkey

In the Same Boat

Egypt's al-Sisi enraged by Obama's indifference to his problems with Islamist terrorism

Finally, Some Good News

Iraqi army pushes ISIS out of four towns near Baghdad

South African Pogromists Embrace Their Inner Swine

Sick BDS 'protesters' place pig's head in Woolworth's because it sells Israeli products

France: Jewish Leader Indicted for Calling a Jew-hater a Jew-hater

Sorry, Terrorists

Egypt rebukes Hamas, postpones Gaza talks after massive terror attack in the Sinai

Muslim Brotherhood tries to exploit attacks for propaganda purposes

ANALYSIS: Sisi is now facing a major anti-terrorist war


Obama succeeds in engineering surrender in Afghanistan


Israel Recalls Swedish Envoy

After Stockholm plays right into Abbas' hands and recognizes the state of Palestine


Study: Israel's air force best in world

Temple Mount Activist Yehuda Glick Shot in Jerusalem

Shooter killed in gunfight with Israeli police

Glick remains in serious but stable condition

Palestinians Rejoice on Social Media

Shooter spent 11 years in Israeli jail

MKs Regev, Feiglin, Ben-Dahan also attended confernce entitled 'Israel Returns to Temple Mount'

Security Failure

Attempted assassin was employed at restaurant where shooting took place

Yaalon Blames Abbas

Says P.A. president's denial of Jewish rights is behind shooting of activist

Temple Mount Closed

Police, border guard step up presence following assassination attempt

Feiglin: 'The assassin achieved his aim, there are no Jews on Temple Mount.'

Not Enough

Right-wing leaders demand Netanyahu retaliate by opening Temple Mount to Jews

'Instead of fighting with the United States, he should bring security and order to Jerusalem. What we see now is complete loss of control.'

Why Now?

Bibi and Obama have hated each other for years; why has Netanyahu suddenly chosen open defiance?

Things Get Ugly

Top Obama administration official calls Netanyahu 'chickensh*t'

U.S. may withdraw support for Israel at United Nations

Netanyahu Rejects Bitter Criticism:

'[PM] will continue to insist on the security interests of the citizens of Israel and the rights of the Jewish people in Jerusalem, and no pressure will change that.'

Remains Determined

'I am being attacked because I am willing to defend the State of Israel.... The safety of Israel is not important to those who attack me anonymously and personally.'

'I respect and cherish the deep connection with the United States.'

Rivlin Tries to Calm Tensions

Israeli president says, 'Israel has three top priorities in its foreign relations. The first is relations with the United States. The second, relations with the United States. The third, no less important, is relations with the United States.'

Bennett Blasts Obama:

'The current administration plans to throw Israel under the bus. Not the leader of Syria who has massacred 150,000 of his citizens, nor the leader of Saudi Arabia who stones women and homosexuals, nor the leader of Iran who murdered demonstrators for freedom were called "chickensh*t." '


ADL: Anti-Israel Activity on U.S. Campuses
Has Doubled

Met Council Shanda Won't Go Away

A.G.: Probe of Jewish charity may not be over

Biden to Headline G.A.

Veep will address huge gathering at Jewish Federations of North America Nov. 10 assembly

Pre-G.A., CEO Jerry Silverman Discusses Goals

Stop the Injustice

Bipartisan bill would end U.S. benefits to Nazi war criminals

Israeli Experts Help a Dry California

Officials share experiences in dealing with scarce water resources

A Night to Honor Israel

Hagee ministries raises $2.8m for Jewish, Israeli charities

N.J. Governor Blasts Obama on Israel

'I bring you good news: There are only two more years left!'

Barack Milhous Nixon?

Ex-CBS reporter reveals intelligence agency hacked her computer

Obama Supporter Admits the Truth

Liberal Democrat Feinstein says home-grown Islamist terrorism is a real threat

Sorry, Deniers

New York police reveal that hatchet attack was terrorism


Sumo Wrestlers Visit Israel

The Dead Sea As You've Never Seen It Before

Shock Video: American Jewish Students Describe Jewish Hate on Campus



You Get What You Pay For

German museum turns Nazi-looted painting backwards in bid to raise funds for restitution

No Laughing Matter

American Jewish comedienne Chelsea Handler shocked by grandfather's Nazi past

FILMS: My Italian Secret

New film documents how cyclist Gino Bartali helped save Italy's Jews

New Polish Jewish Museum Is a 'Game-Changer'

BOOKS: The Nazis Next Door: How America Became a Safe Haven for Hitler's Men

New book by Eric Lichtblau says C.I.A. recruited Nazis as spies during Cold War

Hater at Hogwarts

Harry Potter British-Jewish actress Miriam Margolyse blames 'stupid Israel' for antisemitism

Unsurprising Lawsuit

Joan Rivers' daughter filing malpractice and wrongful death suit against endoscopy clinic

University of Hypocrisy

Students at ultra-Leftist, Israel-hating, antisemitic U.C. Berkeley attempt to ban Bill Maher from speaking after he tells the truth about radical Islam

Ex-CBS Reporter Attkisson: Liberal Media Protects Obama, Does His Bidding

LA Fetes Magen David Adom

Jay Leno and Paul Anka host event to honor Israeli version of the Red Cross

Jewish Cast, But No Jewish History in WWII film Fury


U.S. Orthodox Rabbi Resigns From Beit Din

Rabbi Steven Pruzansky steps down following decision to convene new conversion committee with five female members

Synagogue Designated Historic Landmark

But members of Tifereth Israel Town & Village in N.Y.C. worry about added expenses

Lioness of Judah

Meet Dr. Miriam Adelson, proud Jew and mega-philanthropist

Jewish Cemetery in Norway Vandalized

Oy Vey

NBA co-owner: I meant 'Yiddish,' but typed 'Hoodish'

'Antisemitism is like Ebola'

Experts on antisemitism convene to discuss wave of Jew-hating insanity

Outstanding Immigrants to be Awarded

Nefesh B'Nefesh Bonei Zion Prize will recognize 6 English-speaking olim

End of an Era

Rabbi Avi Weiss 'steps back' from Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, N.Y.